04 October 2007

Real Helmet vs Cap Helmet

Wearing a Helment for the criminals in India is not mandatory, but recently Bangalore police forced it to mandatory for a criminal to protect his head. The criminal has a bad habit of banging his head on the wall whenever he trapped into the police net. Few states in India strictely implelmented the law to wear a helment for the two wheelers and one of the state is Karnataka. This rule is very strict in Bangalore.

But some times the Police itself forget to wear a helment when they drive two wheelers in Bangalore. Look at two TRAFFIC Police men in uniform riding the bike with the police cap in the one of the busy road in Bangalore (Signal at Ramanamaharishi Road where Sanky Road is joining). Bangalore Police are smart, but some are there to break the rules

Real Helmet and Cap Helmet (background fuel price in Bangalore)

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