27 October 2008

Tornado in Bangalore

Tornado in Bangalore, India

Yesterday evening there was an unusual seen in the Bangalore Sky. A 'real' Tornado (though it was a cloud formation). The cloud formed exactly like a Twister. The below shots are taken from MS Ramaiah Hospital near BEL Road.

Tornado in India

Twister in Bangalore

This 'Tornado' was clearly visible from MG road too.

About Tornado:
A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud.

Although tornadoes have been observed on every continent except Antarctica, most occur in the United States. They also commonly occur in southern Canada, south-central and eastern Asia, east-central South America, Southern Africa, northwestern and southeast Europe, western and southeastern Australia, and New Zealand.

Is it was a real Tornado came in Bangalore?
Anybody from Bangalore noticed it ?

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Diwali in Bangalore

In India the festivals of lights Diwali/ Deepavali arrived for this year (2008) and people from all religions celebrating this festival most areas in India. Even the economic recessions all over the world not much effected the Diwali celebrations in most part of India. The shops are crowed to grab the loved stuffs from the shops.

Rush in Fireworks shop in Manoranjan Theatre compound
near Mekri circle Bangalore

Bangalore was raining for the last few days especially in the evening and it effected a lot in the business. But on the previous day the sky was too sunny and which helped the Families in Bangalore to buy lights, sweets and fireworks to their dear and near ones.

Happy Diwali/ Deepavali 2008

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16 October 2008

Protect your salary account

If you are holding a corporate salary account in any Bank, take an extra measure because Phishers are target for Corporate Accounts in India.

You may get a mail into your internet banking mailbox stating that 'your account is being upgraded for security reasons. Please update your details within the next 24 hours'

Usually if you receive a mail into your banking account inbox, usually nobody will suspect its a phishing mail. Phishers are getting smart to convince you to provide the banking details to them.

The fake mail will ask you to upgrade your account and the mail looks like a genuine. It will guide you a website and will have to provide the account details inculding your password and PIN.

Once you provide the details to that website, the phishers will immediately change your account user name, password, email, phone number like your communication information with your bank. This will take the phishers to block the communication with your bank.

How you can prevent phishing ?

* Never ever provide any kind of your account details to websites especially your PIN, passwords.

* If you get a mail which looks like from the bank and it there is a link in that mail, just keep your mouse pointer on the link and observer the link bar (which is down in most of the browsers). It will show that the link is leading to some other website.

* You never get banking related mails from yahoo, gmail providers eg: citibankupdates@gmail.com . These are fake mails.

* Immediately check with customer care if you find anything specious

* Try to avoid internet browsers for checking online accounts

* Make sure that https is there in the website address

* Use antivirus program and adware programs in your comptuer and make sure that updates are happening regurerly Suggest Avast Home Free Edition and Adaware 2008 Free home

In Bangalore the phishers are targeting to 4 private banks because they are holding the Corporate Accounts

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15 October 2008

epost India

What is e post ?

In India, epost service is provided by India Post.
ePost Service is launched on 30th January 2004 in India.

Instead of writing a letter, you just mail the matter to India Post. The Indian Postal department will make a print out of your email and will deliver it to address.

How to send an epost?

1. First you have to register online using postal department website and a minimum of Rs. 250 has to be paid at this stage. Credit card will accept here with a surcharge of 6 %

Or you can buy the ePost Prepaid Card from any of the Head Post Offices throughout the country and follow the directions on the card and on-screen.The cards are available in denominations of Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 2000, Rs. 5000 and Rs. 10,000.

2. Once you have the account with India Post, you can send your 'eletter' to the correct locations.
email ids for the correct locations you will get it from the India Post website.

3. Once you send your letter through email, the postal department will print it and send it to the address what you specified

4. Tariff for sending epost messages by Paid users using pre-paid cardswill be @ Rs 6- per page of the message. (Bulk discounts also available)


1. Note that epost messages are treated on par with the unregistered letters

2. The problem with epost is the content can read by the postal department persons who is downloading the emails, printing and putting into the envelope. Usually they will not read those content.

Happy eposting

01 October 2008

Gandhiji Insult

World Leaders Insulted

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi populary known as Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi and it has specail meaning.

Gandhiji - ji stands for respect
Mahatma Gandhi - Mahatma stands for Great Soul

Gandhiji is a unique idol for all over the world and well known for total non-violence.
On his birthday October 2nd celebrate International Day of Non-Violence.

But some fools in some corner of the world making some fun such a great personality and making advantage from it. Nobody can point out a similar personlaity like Gandhiji in the world.

Photoshoped Gandhiji barbequing and drinking beers :
What a insult for the entire world ?

Photoshoed Nelson Mandela

They even not spared the famous Asian/African Icons Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama.

Its high time to speak out about this stupid acts

All these came from the same newspaper who printed the controversial cartoons of Msulim prophet Muhammad.

The ad company is uncle.dk

Never fogive them for these kind of acts.