02 October 2007

SPAR Hypermarket Bangalore

75 years old Netherlands based Spar International for opened SPAR hypermarket in Bangalore, India on 29th September 2007 . Nearly 100,000 square feet Spar hypermarket, well organized in the very first day and shopping is really hassle free. I think this kind of International standard Hypermarket is the first in Bangalore.

Attractions at SPAR what I felt:
* Ample shopping space
* Parking space
* Quality products
* Freedom to Choose
* Trollivator : Hassle free trolley drive moving around in different floors
* Very attractive prices
* Friendly staff
* Good offers
* Kids Play area in a reasonable price tag for shopping with kids.

Opening day of SPAR Bangalore, India

Just name the stuff you want and you will get it what you want from here. Even banana leafs and tender coconut (wrapped ~Rs 8 at SPAR, Street Vendor price is Rs 10).

I am pretty sure that SPAR will be Bangaloreans favorite Hyermart with in no time. The same level of Dubai , Singapore kind of shopping experience you will get it from SPAR India

People were confused to reach the Trollivator in the ground floor because some work is going on the ground floor and no sign board to guide you properly. Just walk straight to the dead end of the building to reach the Trollivator.

SPAR Bangalore Location: Near Dairy Circle on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India (Drive from Diary circle towards Bannerghatta Road, after Oracle you can find it on the left side of the road)

About SPAR
Netherlands based
75 years old
Spread across 34 countries
6 million shoppers per day
SPAR comes from the Dutch word DESPAR meaning "We all benefit from joint cooperation"

"SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by Adriaan van Well, as a voluntary chain of grocers under the name "De Spar". His purpose was to secure cooperation between independent wholesalers and retailers as a response to the emergence of grocery chains in Europe."

Max Hypermarkets India Pvt Ltd tied up with SPAR and Max Hypermarkets is a part of Duabi based Landmark Group.
By 2009 spar has plans to open seven outlets. Another 30,000 square feet Spar supermarket in Bangalore is coming soon. Also SPAR Chennai will open in the near future.

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  1. Indeed a good post on SPAR Hypermarket you have covered most of the things, if you would have covered the product segment that would have been icing on the cake.


  2. Hi Abijith
    Thanks for your comments. This is a hypermarket and most of the products are available over there. To show the depth of availability, I mentioned the street vendor stuff in the post. Any how thanks for your suggestions.

  3. Hi Cipson,

    Spar Hypermarket is a great concept. I am a frequent visitor to spar hypermarket as it falls on my way.
    But I have noticed that the staff standing at the billing counters do not even have the slightest idea about the promo offers and when we pick something that is on promo and come to the billing section, people there are not aware of the promo offers. And even if we tell them about it, the price they come to is totally different than the price mentioned on the plakcards placed near the products. This makes our experience a bad one. I myself have left the product after picking it up. I hope you are able to update your billing staf regularly on the ongoing promos so that the customers do not have to carry a bad impression about you.


  4. Hi Cipson,

    I am a frequent visitor to Spar Hypermarket. It is convenient for me as it falls on my way to office and home.
    I have had some problems at the billing counter though. The billing staff actually is unaware of the prmos and instead of charging the discounted price they charge the actual price and when we tell them that there is a promo they either say they are not aware of it or they run to the section where the promo is advertised. This results in a bad experience for the buyers and most of the time the buyers leave the product which they had picked up so fondly.

    I hope something is done about this.

  5. Hi Alka,
    I am a regular customer of spar super Market / hypermarket. I also experienced the same problem and hope we should intimate the customer care about this. Also one more issue I noticed that in the bill. The offer price which deducted given in the same bill in a separate section. Means an item has original price Rs.100 and an offer price is Rs. 90
    In the bill it is given Rs.100 in the main section of the bill. The reduced amount is given in a separate part of the bill. If you have many items in the bill, it is difficult to compare the offer. Hope Spar will look into this matter. Shopping in SPAR is best in Bangalore. Hope you agree with it ??

  6. Placement of this Mall on enterance of Bannerghatta Road where most of the MNCs are housed. Good thinking by the retailer! I like it!

  7. Spar is indeed good for the products and items they have. As mensioned by Alka, the customer friendliness is very less in the staff. Also they have a food counter there, but funny to see that they will not allow to have the food there itself. In such a big place , they could have arraged an extra billing counter over there to solve.

  8. I am frequent visitor to Hyper market, what i felt is parking should be free, then only flow of the people for small shopping can get in, if not u will lose the customers.

  9. Hi,
    I juat had a really bad experience yesterday at the spar.. not exactly at the spar hypermarketbut at the security who are responsible for parking.. when i was leaving the place it was just 2 min before the hour was over but there was a queue for leaving by the time i got to the security it had already become an hour and a minute but they charged me the extra 10 bucks for which i was not liable.. This was really bad. they should improve their parking policies if they want the customer to be happy..

  10. The parking fees charging from the customer is too bad for such a professional firm and feel shame that from that also they are making money. What they have to do is take the parking fee as a deposit and when u produce the parking fee coupon in the counter at the time of billing they should refund it. Shame on you SPAR !!!

  11. AnonymousJuly 19, 2008

    Even just waiting for the queues in the counter for a long time with line up in the exit for the vechiles itself will takes more than half an hour. For that waiting time due to SPAR also we have to pay as a parking fee. So stupid it is. Is any SPAR Management in Bangalore (or international level spar) is looking into this issue ??

  12. I frankly think it is worth it. As the freshness and variety offered here is mind blowing. I am yet to have such an experience. I have never waited for more than 5 minutes.

  13. That was a pretty good observation. Thanks for the Info.

  14. Hey I'm looking to get Parmesan Cheese. Anyone knows if tht's available at SPAR?

  15. Spar customer care customer@spar-india.co.in

  16. While I appreciate SPAR, the Koramangala store is putting customer's life at risk. You are not allowed to carry a trolley in list. You are expected to lug it on car park ramp which is already very narrow, along with running cars.

    Really shameful for brand like SPAR.

  17. AnonymousJuly 29, 2009

    They cheated me, by selling a kitchen utensil which was not stainless steel, as they told me while buying. I am so annoyed with this shopping centre. I am also a member of Innercircle and my TIC No. is 1009013595
    My name is INDRANI REDDY

  18. Does anyone know if Spar will open in Chennai ever understand they have delayed their project

  19. AnonymousMay 16, 2010

    I visited SPAR many times during my vacation and was shocked to see people trying to promote holiday packages by misleading shoppers into thinking they are holding lucky draws. I was one such victim. I wish you would make sure such people do not spoil your image. Also, why don't you have Japanese products like miso, tamari etc

  20. we have requirements of lighters please contact 09448281980

  21. Hi,
    I am a regular customer at spar,koramangala.Most of the times I had bad experiences.The main problems are with billing.The prices displayed at the shelf and the bill vary,especially if there are offers.for eg.on31/07/10 I made some purchaces.There was an offer on printed fleece blankets,buy 1 for Rs.149,2 for Rs.199.But in the bill it was Rs.298.Peeled sambar onion 180 gm.Rs.14.90,in the bill it was Rs.17.90.Pears soap buy 2 for Rs.35 each,but I was charged Rs.36 each.When Ipointed out,they returned the differnce.Every month this same kind of thins happen.when I pont out the discrepency,they simply say it won't happen again.But the same exprience everytime.So many people simply pay the bill amount without verifying trusting you.This is CHEATING.Today I had gone to spar again.Ihad 500+ points in my membership card. I wanted to get 3 Vouchers.I went to the encash counter next to the cash counter.But the person at the counter was not available.He was called,but he told me that vouchers not available there and Ican get next time.I insisted that Ishould get iy now.Heasked merudely to go to groundfloor and get myself. Ireported the matter to supervicer and the manager,but all of them were rude.When I told them that I am going to report to your head office ,they told me that nothing is going to happen to them.Is this the way you treat your customers in indina?
    My bill No.123729 dated3/07/10.


  22. Spar Sucks. Customer care are too bad. Employees are not friendly at all over there. Never visit SPAR. They don't have respect for their customers.
    I have bought a washing machine and once i start using it i came to know its faulty. I complained abt that asked them to replace. still its more then one month they didn't replace that. I talked all higher officials and they are very rude. They are just sucks...Rotten shop..