30 May 2008

new google logo

Google replaced the Captial G to small g. Google favicon changed to a new one

Google old and new favicon

Google new logo in
google search google images google gmail
google news google shopping

28 May 2008

Jackie Chan Wushu Video

Wushu, movie from Jackie Chan's Stable. Jackie Chan is the Executive producer of the movie and not acting in it. A new generation of Chinese martial arts actors presenting in this movie. Chan organized a promotional campaign in the 61st International Cannes Film Festival on 2008 in Cannes, France. Recently Jackie Chan visited Indian for the audio release of Kamal Hassan's movie Dasavatharam.

Jackie Chan at 61st International Cannes Film Festival 2008

Wushu Video : China wushu Champion

Moive Wushu ( meaning martial arts / sports)
Actors Liu Fengchao,
Director Antony Szeto
Executive producer Jackie Chan

26 May 2008

IT computer cartoon

Are you looking for some computer related cartoon sites. Its better to have a look on this site and they update it daily. Great work they are doing.
IT cartoons

Computer Cartoons

Its worth to check the site and make some smile on your face at geekandpoke

tweeting the God : Technology Cartoons

Creator of these cartoons : IT guy Oliver Widder from Germany.


23 May 2008

bangalore weekend

Need a good rest after a long week work !!! Trailer Truck under repair in JP Nagar, Bangalore

Have a nice week end !!

20 May 2008

Save turtles

Olive Ridley turtles rely on an inexplicable, in-built navigation system that guides them, when it’s time for them to reproduce, back to the precise coast on which they were born!!!!

The proposed Tata port at Dhamra threatens a nesting site that is amongst the last honeymoon suites for the remaining Olive Ridleys, a highly-endangered species that swims all the way here from places as far away as Australia and the Philippines.

The world famous Iconic Iron Man from India Mr. Ratan Tata and we are consuming his products in everyday life with and with out knowing. Such a loyal customers to TATA and we are the most responsible persons to guide him if he is doing something against our nature.

Only two people can stop the port: You and Ratan Tata

Write to Ratan Tata NOW

through greenpeace to save the turtles.

Message to Mr. Ratan Tata

'Dear Mr.Tata,

The Tata name is today omnipresent in India, through a choice of affordable products and has today grown from a national giant into an international financial player. At the same time, you insist that the TATA group has a firm commitment to environmental justice and sustainable development. I am writing to ask you to demonstrate that the TATA Group does indeed have such a commitment and it does not put profits above environmental and social well being.

I am disappointed with the way Tata Steel has conducted itself on the Dhamra port issue in Orissa. There has for some time been clear proof of the irreversible effects that this huge port will have on the highly-endangered endangered Olive Ridley turtles. What is even more distressing to me is that you had clearly promised to abandon the port if evidence of turtle presence was ever unearthed, yet this promise is now not being kept. Not just that, despite the simple fact that ports can be shifted while turtle nesting grounds can not, Tata Steel continues to build the Dhamra port.

I have been a follower of the Tata story and role you are looking to play in shaping modern India. Surely a decision to protect the Dhamra area and shift your port to an alternative environmentally-benign site will be more in keeping with the image that the Tatas project, and the legacy left by men such as JRD Tata, than the current position you have adopted?

I earnestly urge you to look at alternative locations for the Dhamra port. Such a decision will raise the Tata standing in my eyes and, I am sure, in the eyes of millions of Indians, not to mention an increasing global audience.'

Send message to TATA

Act now and save us !!!

16 May 2008

HOT Car wash video

HOT Car wash video. Never miss the six Japan .... !! Watch carefully !?

2009 subaru forester

14 May 2008

Amir Khan blog

Amir Khan started a blog. Amir Khan wrote that Shahrukh is licking his feet. Wondering ??

Aamir Khan's blog

Why Shahrukh Khan is licking Amir Khan's leg ??

Amir Khan : A famous actor in India (Hollywood)
Shahrukh Khan : A famous actor in India (Hollywood)
Shahrukh Khan : A famous actor Amir Khan's dog name.

Amir Khan's blog address www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm
Amir Khan's website url www.aamirkhan.com

You will get an opportunity to chat with Amir Khan !!!

Khans influence in the Indian film Industry especially in Hollywood

Amir Khan
Shahrukh Khan
Salman Khan
Amjith Khan
Sohail Khan
Saif Ali Khan
Irfan Khan
Zayed Khan
Sanjay Khan
Fardeen Khan
Riaz Khan (Tamil & Malayalam)
Mansoor Ali Khan (Tamil)
Imran Khan (latest entry)

Still it is an incomplete list

Are those Khans are brothers ??

Yes, All Indians are my brothers and sisters !!!!

08 May 2008

youtube indian edition

Youtube started the Indian Edition and completely customized for the 'Indian Curry'.

Why Indians use youtube ? YOU watch it in YOUtube !!

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06 May 2008

military march bangalore election

Bangalorean's had a surprise today evening near BTm Layout. Suddenly the road filled with rapid force or military force. This is related to the coming up assembly election in Karnataka.
Don't misunderstand that Bangalore has some problems, nothing like that. All are living in peace and harmony.

We are in Bangalore to a peaceful assembly election

Warning for the anti elements in the society

05 May 2008

Bloggers Video

Blogathon Bloggers Video : Interview at NDTV India

01 May 2008

Dohni from Chennai

Do you think Dohni is from Jarkand ? No, Dohni is from Chennai Watch the video

Pepsi IPL Ad - Dohni is the Caption of Chennai Super Kings