19 March 2008

Handloom Expo

National Handloom Expo 2008 started Bangalore.

Date : 19th March 2008 to 2nd March 2008
Venu: Palace Ground

Traditional flock dance Dollu Kunitha performing on the inaugural day of
National Handloom Expo 2008, Bangalore

Dollu Kunitha is a popular drum dance of Karnataka. They sing and dance in full of energy and nice to watch. Two team leaders stand in the middle and the team members surround by them and move in different directions. They form in different shapes and do some aerobics. Right side of the drum is hitting by a strong 'stick' and the left side is hitting by the plane hand. The dress colors are in black, yellow and red. All are with the smiling faces and danced with full of energy.

Visiting this Expo will be a nice experience and can do a shopping on summer season

07 March 2008

International Women's Day

Global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women and is marked on March 8 of every year

Woman power symbol

First World Women' Day February 28 1907

Lot of celebrations are there in Bangalore and can see lot of banners on the road

Happy Women's Day

02 March 2008

how to stop reading personal emails

Is it illegal to read someone's email without their knowledge? It depends.

Have you worried that somebody is reading your mail and still there is no way to track down?

But there is an easy solution to solve the problem.

Email providers can add a feature which gives us information when the user last logged into the email account and 'hacker' of your email cannot tamper this info.

If you find that last login time changed, go and change the password right away and protect your personal emails.

Is gmail, yahoo and other email providers listening ??

Man Made Gmail

If you can see something extra in the gmail screen below , then watch the video below.

Update: Video updated with English subtitle

What Google Moscow used for the handmade gmail interface ??

- 162 meters of gray tape
- 45 lego pieces
- 32 sticks of plasticine
- 18 brushes
- 18 square meters of batten
- 12 cans of spray paint
- 10 liters of white paint
- 4 reams of paper
- 2 kilograms of millet porridge
- 1 printer
- 1 hair dryer
- 1 mop
- 1 saw

source: Gmail blog