27 April 2007

Interesting facts about Bangalore

-Bangalore has the impeccable record of highest growh within a span of 20 years [as of 2005]
-Bangalore has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the world.
-Bangalore has the dubious reputation for the highest 2-wheeler thefts.
-Bangalore has the highest number of pubs in India.
-Bangalore has the highest number of breweries in the world.
-Bangalore has the highest number of public sectors and government organisations in India.
-Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in the world.
-Bangalore is considered the fashion capital of the East comparable to Paris.
-Bangalore has the highest number of Anglo-Indians in India.
-Bangalore was the first city in India to receive electricity.
-Bangalore is considered an antipode of Boston, in terms of IT.
-Bangalore has produced the highest number of professionals in USA - almost 60% of Indian population abroad are from Bangalore.
-Bangalore's Lalbagh botanical gardens is credited to have one of the most diverse man made collection of flora.
-Bangalore has produced the maximum number of models from a specific area.
-Bangalore has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports ahead of even Mumbai & Delhi.
-Bangalore has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for Nobel Prize nominations (from India).
-Bangalore is the only city in India with maximum number of temples, mosques, churches & gurdwaras.
-Bangalore University produces maximum number of doctors in India.
-Bangalore has the richest people in India. The line of poverty is the least of all cities of the world. Bangalore was founded in 2nd Century and still has the same infrastructure drainage & sanitary systems - the oldest in the world.

Some facts are new to us, right??
Source: Karnataka

Putting Duct Tape on Plane Wings

A shocking video in YouTube

Bangalore sitting on an earth quake zone ?

Yes we are talking about Bangalore.
The fast growing IT capital of India, Bangalore, is sitting on a potentially seismic fault, according to a recent study carried out by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Source: TOI

Get ready for a earth quake

Sachin Crying in Bangalore

Advertisement becomes reality at least for Sachin’s case. Look at the ad and what he is saying ?
He is almost in the same state as in the ad. (Not in the Indian team for next few matches)
This advertisement displayed at Richmond Circle, Bangalore..

26 April 2007

Do NOT jump into LIC's Money Plus ULIP

10000 x 3 years = 30000

Just relax at home doing nothing for just 20 years.

Rs. 16 lakhs after 20 years (1.6 Million)

Assumes an annual return of 25% in the above. Thank god, they didnot take an assumption of 50%.

How is this plan? If any agent come with a plan like this, politely KICK him out of your house.

IRDA says ‘Misleading Sales Literature on Unit Linked Product’, issued on 2 March 2007, Irda says development officers and agents of the country’s largest life insurer are promoting Money Plus, the company’s fast selling unit-linked plan (Ulip), “claiming to offer astronomical returns and guaranteed benefits at the end of specific periods”. Irda has trashed these claims. The regulator has also said: “Returns under unit-linked products are dependent on the performance of the chosen fund, which is in turn affected by the performance of the stockmarkets.”
If it is a reality, no body need to go for any work, just invest and relax at home. Cool Deal!!!
Bottom Line: This kind of bad reputation is presenting to LIC by some off their odd agents

Look at LIC site and they are showing 6% and 10% returns only

Long Birthday List in a Small cake

Just finished a Birthday Celebration in Bangalore and seven names in a very small cake.

unlimited e-mail storage from Yahoo

From May 2007 onwards Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage space to 250 million webmail users. Giving a present to mark 1oth year anniversary to yahoo users.

Bottom Line: The unlimited email storage war started , rediff already started giving unlimited space. Now coming up with yahoo . Who next ? google or hotmail? Let us wait and see!!!

25 April 2007

Lost in Bangalore Traffic, No problem

Not sure which is the shortest root in Bangalore City to your destination or new to Bangalore ?

Go to www.iciti.in

Still not getting any where in Bangalore City
this site gives you where you should take a right turn or left turn until you reach your destination.

Looking this feature available in the mobile.
Also when using the first time it is a little confusion to select the 'from' and 'to' places.

Citibank, HSBC not with RBI rules :making false promises to their credit card customers

The investigative arm of the country's anti-monopoly watchdog has recommended action against two multinational banks for making false promises to their credit card customers and violating the RBI guidelines.
Two banks were doing credit card business in the country through direct sales agents, who were working either as independent contractors or on commission basis. Source : News India Press

I also received a call from citibank and informed that they are going to give free credit card for my entire life. But in a polite manner I said, NO. Few of my colleagues already joined in this free credit card scheme. God only knows the credit card will be a burden for their entire life because it is life time card !!! Happening in Bangalore too....

TIP: If you are a credict card user a must read edition of Money Today (April 19 2007)

24 April 2007

Traffic Rules 'CIRCLES' in Bangalore Circle

We all know driving without knowing some most important traffic rules.
Let us test our traffic rules knowledge.

On the below animation you can see on top right side 'right' 'wrong' buttons (look closely to see this it is pretty small). Click on this buttons how to follow traffic rules at ROUNDABOUT

Revamp your traffic rules knowledge with above kind of interactive animated stuff from the Chandigarh Traffic Police www.chandigarhtrafficpolice.org which provides tons of information on animated presentation on various traffic situations and how to handle it properly. Click here to see this. A must read website, if you are a responsible driver.

A wrong traffic rule by some drives(not all) follows in Bangalore are when a vehicle entering into the Roundabout (Circle) getting less priory than the vehicle is just trying to enter the circle. For this an excellent animated representation is taken from Chandigarh Traffic Police website.

Karnataka Chief Minister's 10 Point Programme for Improvement of Bangalore City Traffic Click Here

Bottom Line: Of course with out our contributions the Bangalore City Traffic rules will never get better.

23 April 2007

Indoor Stadium at Bangalore narrowly escaped from fire disaster

Not reported in the news
Yesterday (22/04/2007) evening I went to a show (The Kitchen Show, Entry Fee INR: 49) which was going on in Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. The show was fully packed families with kids.
Around 7:45 PM on the top of the Indoor statium, some fire formed suddenly.Looks like one of the bulb over burned and start fire on that. What I felt so strange is that some people are just looking and enjoying the fire. Quickly informed the authority regarding this.

Look at the photos(click it enlarge, fire marked in red circle)
The entire roof is covered with some kind of cloths (black in the picture) and plastic sheet(blue in picture). You just imagine what happens it will get fire ? Some security people reached the firepoint, but took almost 10- 15 Minutes.
Some security persons are running up, some are going down (I think they forget to take the fire extinguisher, so bad). At last one security managed to close the fire using a fire extinguisher. Are these securities are really trained to handle these kind of situations?

Is there any safety measures taking for these kinds of shows? Is there any fire extinguisher inside the stalls if fire happens inside a stall? Is these kinds of emergency exit for the stalls. If you are inside the stall, you cannot just comeout from it.

The Bottom line: The show was nice to watch. No dust, Plenty of Powerful fans then and there, so no sweating. More over stalls were good to watch. The unique stall was from a Kenyan girl who sells the Kenyan crafts. Also a decorating stuff on the wall which will glow in the night will be interesting in the kids bedrrom.

20 April 2007

Interesting Google Facts

Practically everyone knows about Google's premier Internet search engine, Google Web Search. However, here are some interesting Google Facts
- The name Google is a play on words for the term googol, which refers to the number 1 accompanied by 100 zeroes. This reflects Google's mission to organize the Internet's massive amount of information.

- Google was originally started as a research project at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were both in their early 20s at the time. Page currently serves as products president, while Brin is technology president. Now each has more than their fair share of stock, which costs $472 as of press time.

- Google searches, which generally take less than half a second, are conducted after searching through Google's immense collection of Web pages, which number in the billions.

- Google receives search requests from every continent on Earth, including Antarctica.

- Users can search for content in 36 languages, including Klingon, the pseudo-language popularized by television's "Star Trek."

- Google employees, who now number more than 2,600, work at company headquarters, nicknamed the Googleplex.

- PageRank is the basis of Google's search, which gives each search term a rank to determine how useful it is. In addition, the term "page" in PageRank does not come from Web page, but rather from co-founder Larry Page.

- Google employees come from all sorts of backgrounds. One operations manager is a former neurosurgeon, one software engineer is a former rocket scientist and the company's chef formally worked for band The Grateful Dead and funk artist George Clinton.
SOURCE: Google.com Press Center

Weeding on the wheels at Koramanagala Bangalore India

This photo is taken at Kormangala Signal just opposite to the famous FOrum Mall which the wedding venu is on a truck. Its the ad of Hello! magazine. (Elizabeth and Arun's Wedding coverage)
This special weeding is rolling on a van all over Bangalore on the wheels (click picture to enlarge)

Today I saw the same wedding 'hanging' in the bookstall . This stall is located in Bangalore North New BEL Road (near to FabMall)

Rain at Bangalore : Statistics

Bangalore is getting lots of rain for the last couple of days especially in the night. It’s very nice to sleep in the night because of the excellent climate.
What about during the day time when you travel?
A little trouble some with the roads which the water is stuck in the road and feels like riding the motorbike as a water sport bike. Some area in Bangalore the drainage is in drain stage and the roads are become swimming pools.

But today I noticed that some work is going on to clear that drainage using some proclainers. Clearing the drainage now is really appreciated. But the rain phenomenon is not new in Bangalore. This should take place little early and avoid the swimming pools at least in the some roads. Many people who never visited India will think that all over the roads are like that. Not at all. This happen only few roads.

Yearly Average weather in Bangalore in degree Celsius
Month-----------Avg.High---Avg.Low----Avg. Precip.
January---------27.0---------15.0---------0.00 cm
February--------30.0---------17.0---------1.00 cm
March-----------33.0---------20.0--------2.00 cm
April-------------34.0---------22.0--------3.00 cm
May--------------33.0---------21.0--------10.00 cm
June-------------29.0---------20.0--------8.00 cm
July--------------28.0---------20.0--------11.00 cm
August----------27.0---------20.0---------12.00 cm
September------28.0--------20.0---------24.00 cm
October---------28.0---------19.0---------13.00 cm
November------27.0---------18.0---------5.00 cm
December-------26.0--------16.0---------2.00 cm

Todays Bangalore Weather Check the Bangalore Weather

Bangalore: The best place to live in India

When it comes to choosing the city you would like to work and live in, it seems you cannot have it all. If a city is great for earning and investing in, it is not necessarily the best for living, as in the case of Surat.

On the other hand, there is Kolkata that ranks quite high as a city to live in but is the worst when it comes to making money or investing it.

Your best bet for a city that ranks fairly high on all three counts — living, working and investing — is Bangalore. It ranks as the top city to reside in and second best to earn.

As an investment destination, however, it’s mediocre, ranking sixth. Delhi, by contrast, ranks high — fourth — only for earning.

Analysis of the top 10 cities of the country for earning, investing and residing is given in a study, The City Skyline of India 2006, published by Indicus Analytics.

The study is based on official statistics and online surveys conducted by Indicus in these cities. It yields interesting information on how often a citizen would have to haggle with an autowallah, what percentage of people own invertors, the city’s water and power supply, public transportation etc.

Surat with its low unemployment rates, high job growth rates and one of the highest per capita small business credit is the top destination for seeking jobs and business.

However, it is at the bottom in the list of Alpha cities (the top 10) in terms of good living, with nearly half the people expressing the need for more entertainment and better educational facilities.

It also has the lowest share of households in the top socio-economic category (SEC A) among the Alpha cities. One third of its households fall in SEC C.

Coimbatore strikes a decent balance: it’s the best city to invest in but ranks fifth on the earning and good living front. The most pressing problem for residents seems to be water supply — which comes just once in two days.

On most other counts, the city offers a decent life though with relatively few avenues for entertainment.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in this group of cities and per capita income comparable to the highest in the group, Pune too does well on all three counts of earn-in, invest-in and reside-in indices.

The metros, interestingly, are not the best performers in this list. Chennai is high up as a place to invest in and to live in.

The citizens are satisfied with the educational infrastructure, low crime level and efficient management of infrastructure. But with unemployment rate as high as 27%, do not head there if you are looking to earn good money.

Source : Times of India

Google Phone

Taiwan based manufacturer HTC (High Tech Computer) has apparently begun manufacturing the Google Phone, with a shipment of 1 million units to be ready for delivery late 2007.

Google handsets, supporting Texas Instruments (TI) 3G platform and EDGE (what? no HSDPA?), will not feature GPS functionality but they will feature integrated Gmail and Google search functions.

We understand that the handsets will initially be run on the Orange network and be co-branded as Google / Orange phones.

HTC declined to comment on the report.

We will update this post as soon as more information leaks. I was hoping that the Google Phone would be a HSDPA device and find it hard to believe it will only use EDGE. Google has already patented a LOT of mobile phone technology.

Soruce : http://www.mad4mobilephones.co.uk/news/807/

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