01 June 2007

SMS or call to get an auto in Bangalore

Double meter and one-and-a-half meter rate ??

Waiting for an auto for 20 - 30 minutes on the road to catch an auto??

Hunderds of reason to refuse the ride from the auto driver ??

Call or SMS 9844112233 or visit www.easyauto.in to book an auto.
The call will attent either in Kannada, English or Hindi.

Easy Auto Service is a call-auto service that is an initiative of the Bangalore City Police and the Regional Transport Authority of Karnataka. Find our more details at www.easyauto.in

Salute to Bangalore City Police for the great work !!!!

Update: Putting a sticker on affiliated autos will be useful for the public


  1. Great job ! hope it helps the people

  2. Great Job ! hope dis help us out .... Thank you