23 March 2009

tata nano review

Tata nano rolled out today and tata nano reviews will flood in the recession market. Its interesting to read the Tata Nano first review/ first drive at  zig wheels and coming out reviews are positive.

 Heavy traffic Jam because Tata Nano Home Page 'Junction'
Soon we will find Heavy traffic jams in our neighourhood ;) 

3 varients : Nano, Nano CX, Nano LX

Nano : Basic Version
Nano CX :HVAC and Central Locking
Nano LX : Power Windows in front wheels

Warranty        : 18 months 24000 km
Fuel Tank        : 15 litre
Fuel efficiency : 20 - 25 km per litre

One interesting fact that TATA is making the cheapest and the expensive cars in the world.
Price tags start from just USD 2000  to above 100000 . Impressive !!!!

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12 March 2009

2D cartoons

2D cartoons are still alive