31 May 2007

Aerosmith: We’ve always wanted to play in India’

America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, AeroSmith perfoming live in Bangalore on 2nd June 2007

Q to AeroSmith: How did the India tour come about?
This country (India) has always fascinated us. We’ve always wanted to play in India and it has finally happened.Find full interview with AeroSmith at Pune Newsline

Clean Indian City - Bangalore bags 2nd Place

IT Hub Bangalore is in the second place of overall cleanliness perception ranking in top Indian Metros.

1 Chennai
2 Bangalore
3 Kolkata
4 Mumbai
5 New Delhi

The major determining factors of the study included greenery and plantations, clean roads, availability of dustbins in public places and efficiency of the garbage disposal system.

Still we have to run a long way to reach a title as 'Clean City' and it can be accomplished with a team work of the people and the Government

World No Tobacco Day May 31

May 31 of every year is World No Tobacco Day

* TOBACCO is the second major cause of deaths worldwide.

* Half of the people who smoke regularly today about 650 million will eventually die of tobacco-related diseases.

* The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 700 million children, or almost half of the world’s children, breathe air that is polluted by tobacco smoke, particularly in their homes.

* Equally alarming is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who have never smoked die each year from diseases caused by breathing second-hand tobacco smoke.

* The International Labor Organization (ILO) says that at least 200,000 workers die every year due to exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. There is no known safe level of human exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, which causes cancer as well as serious respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in children and adults that lead to death.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your (and other people’s) health. Quit smoking and live longer.

What a coincidence that today is the last day of Clean Air Month !!!

Today is google developer day 2007 !!!

Google is hosting Google Developer Day May 31st in 10 countries (US, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia and China) simultaneously.

If you used the web, then you are a user of google !!!

Find out more about google developer day here.
Also check out the google song here. Nothing offical about this song

30 May 2007

UFO coming to outsoure IT in Bangalore!!!

Flying objects spotted in Bangalore!! May be UFO is coming to outsoure the IT to Bangalore !!! May be it is UFO.
On March 2007 some thing spotted similar at Prime minister of India's Residence in Delhi, India.

Find out more news in IBN LIVE
If you find an UFO you can report it at The National UFO Reporting Center

World's first 'Shopper's Airline' flight

Starting from tomorrow (31 May 2007) Nok Air will operate daily flights from Bangkok to Bangalore, Boeing 737-400, capacity of 156 seats. This is the the world's first 'Shopper's Airline' flight by offering discount vouchers in a leading mall in Bangkok, which also offers 50-70 per cent off on leading brands. .Nok Air is offering a promotional return fare of Rs 9,999 (inclusive of taxes) (us$ 246) . The flight from Bangalore leaves at 3.35 am and reaches Bangkok at 9.10 am.
Planning for a shopping in Bangkok ?? grab this offer now !!!

29 May 2007

World's First Air-Powered Car: Zero Emissions by Next Summer

This six-seater tax, which should be available in India next year, is powered entirely by an engine filled with compressed air.

India’s largest automaker Tata Motors is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets in August of 2008.

See more about aircar here


Good for our environment


W32.USBWorm spreads through USB drives. Prevents user from using Firefox, shows message which reads, "I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE..." The message header reads, "USE INTERNET EXPLORER YOU DOPE." Firefox is then closed by force. Also blocks "Orkut" and "YouTube" sites.


Format the usb drive first (your data may loose) which carries the virus
Update : No need to frmat the USB Pen Drive, delete the autorun.inf file and any folder whose name ends with .exe in the pen drive.

Press Alt+Ctrl+Del --> you can see 'Task Manager' --> click on Process tab --> Locate 'SVCHOST.EXE' (will see many SVCHOST.EXE, but select the one having 'User Name' same as your Windows login name). --> Click End Process button

Now proceed the following

Way 1

Open Task Manager by holding Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on the process tab.

- Ignore the warning messages and stop the SVC.Host for the system's user name.

- Navigate to C:/Heap41a and delete the contents of the folder. Smile.

Way 2

Start Menu>Run>regedit press enter key

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL
CheckedValue reset it back to 1 from 2. ( to do that right click CheckedValue>modify>value data >

Beware of using USB Pen drive especially in the browsing center. Found some browsing centers in Bangalore too.

go to C:\heap41a and delete this folder, If the folder called test.exe delete that too from your desktop.

Clear all the key entries from this registry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\ with entry called heap41a

i dont hate mozilla

Update : Don't Unintall FireFox, some people are experiencing issues with OS after uninstalling Fire Fox after infecting the virus. Instead of removing the virus, if you uninstall the system will refuse to boot in normal / safe mode

For further reference check out here

Warning : Try out this at your own risk

Top 10 must-have tools to improve Windows

Top 10 must-have tools to improve Windows
1) Xplorer2 Lite used and nice
2) Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Excellent FireFox, not the Thunderbird
3) AVG Free Good
4) Audacity not yet tried
5) Zone Alarm Good
6) Media Player Classic not tried
7) FFDshow not tried
8) IrfanView Excellent
9) FileZilla Good
10) CDBurner XP Pro Very good

More details can find here

28 May 2007

Windows Vista does not support http mail !!

Microsoft says "You cannot configure Windows Mail to use a Web-based e-mail account in Windows Vista" Check out more details here atMS Help and Support
Not at all a good news from Windows Vista ;(

25 May 2007

Google Song

A google song !!!
Song: "Just Google!" -- "Beat It" by "Michael Jackson"

Check out another google song

The 100 Best Products of 2007

The 100 Best Products of 2007 from PC World released and some of the web sites came in the list are


Interesting that Microsoft Windows Vista is not in the list!!!

Check out the complete list in PCWorld

Do you want a Second Life ?

The Maldives became the first country in the world to open a Virtual Embassy in Second Life, the online virtual world. The official inauguration ceremony took place simultaneously in Geneva (real world) and in Second Life (virtual world), The intersting thing is the participants in both real world and virtual world were able to watch the speeches.

What is second life? Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. In Second life a total of 6,658,588 people from around the globe are inhabited.

What you can do there? Talk to other people, Dancing, Listen to live music and attend other live events, Building and creating things,Doing business, Shopping

Check out 12 Things To Do In Second Life

Basically it is a virtual video game!!!

24 May 2007

World map of Spam World

According to Pew Internet 37% of email users said spam had increased in their personal email accounts, up from 28% of email users who said that two years ago. And 29% of work email users said spam had increased in their work email accounts, up from 21% two years ago. Yet fewer people say spam is "a big problem" for them.
In the above map Areas in dark red sent 10 million spam messages, red areas 5 to 10 million, dark blue areas 1 to 5 million, and light blue areas 1,000 to 1 million messages.

Antique Replica show at Forum Bangalore

Gladiator and Troy Helmet Replica

Bangaloreans have a special liking in beautifying their living room especially with antique collections. Antiques are always expensive and from Bangalroe (India) a brother and sister came up with a antique replica boutique which is running now at Forum Mall, Bangalore. (First floor near Pizza Hut - till the end of May 2007). All antique replicas displayed had a history behind it. Can find ‘antiques’ of guns, clocks, ships, troy helmets, crystals, sliver items etc etc.. A must visit before the show ends. http://www.estudiointernational.net/

A Japanese Shogun replica which is very expensive

world’s largest pencil

The world’s largest pencil is a Castell 9000, on display at the manufacturer’s plant near Kuala Lumpur. Made of Malaysian wood and polymer, it stands 65 feet high. A normal pencil can draw a line 35 miles long and imagine how this pencil will , how far would this gaint pencil go for?

23 May 2007

absolute FREE SMS service in India

Want to send FREE sms to a group of friends ??
Webaroo has announced the launch of a new group messaging service in India, called "SMS GupShup". Fun and easy way to send messages to a group using SMSSMS us once, and we'll forward it to your friends for FREE Follow your friends, news, sports and more...

See how I created a group called MenInWeb

1. Created a group called MenInWeb To do that TYPE SMS --> CREATE MenInWeb Send it to 67673434
2. Invite your friends to your group send sms --> INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX send it to 67673434
3. Send message as an SMS to 67673434eg SMS what I send : Welcome to http://meninweb.blogspot.com
4. If you want to join my group send sms --> JOIN MeinInWeb and send it to 67673434

Note: All SMS has to send it to 67673434

All works pretty well. I recieved a SMS that MENINWEB created and once I checked that group the message is there.

Cool site and cool feature

Gmail doubles size of attatchment to 20MB in one email

Google' gmail increased attachment limit from 10 MB to 20 MB in a single email.But send 20MB size attatchment into another gmail account because most of other free email providers are not supporting this much big size.

Mango season in Bangalore

The mango season is going on in Bangalore (all over India too). Every corner of the street we can see the sale of Mango.

Tasty mangos waiting for the customers in a residential area.
Price Rs 35 per kg (less than $ 1) Near Sankey Tank

Mangos spilled out from a transport in the Bangalroe busy traffic time and some people are busy with collecting it .A seen from Chowdahiah Road

22 May 2007

Mysore University Library getting Digital with Google

Google is planning to digitise at least 800,000 books and manuscripts that are lying at the Mysore University in Karnataka.The Mysore University library has around 100,000 manuscripts written on both paper and palm leaves, including India's first political treatise, the 'Arthasastra' written in the 4th century BC by Kautilya.

What google gain: Google will get free links to these materials once the necessary patenting is complete.

India's first lifestyle focused online magazine

India's first lifestyle focused online magazine written by you!
A very nice concept and will give real ideas about the cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata. Looks like this site didn't know the name change of Bangalore to Bengaluru

Check out this site at blah.burrp.com

The site has to have focus on the quality of the content from different users

20 May 2007

Korea verify your age before adult seach

Check out what happens if you search for "sex" in Yahoo Korea. You have to verify your age to proceed the adult search. To verify your age, you need to enter your name and your national resident registration number, an unique identifier. This is due to the local law from Korea and ask users to confirm they're at least 19 if they use one of the 700 adult queries defined by the Korean government. Click here to see how Yahoo Korea works with a search with sex

Dubai Skyscraper with 68 Rotating Floors

Dubai is famous for skyscrapers. A new building is coming up in Dubai where each floor would rotate 360 degrees and the building has 68 floors. Watch out the video(click play button to watch)


19 May 2007

Bangalore belongs to Bangalis

Blunder from 'The Concise Dictionary of World Place Names 2005 by Oxford Press says that Bangalore was a land of Bengali's. We can relax because Oxford press made an apology for it and stop selling that book in the market. What a 'Concise' Dictionary

18 May 2007

hoax email effect

Apple stock plunged to the tune of $4 billion in only six minutes after a hoax email sent to Engadget was published on their site on May 16, 2007.

The news published by Engadegt can find here and the explanation from Engadegt is here

Soruce www.trendhunter.com

Know your Gas

Check out how can find the expiry date of a LPG Gas Cylinder.

On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically. (English Alphabet with some numbers) In our case A or B or C or D with two digit number

Example D07

A for March (First Qtr)
B for June (Second Qtr)
C for Sept (Third Qtr)
D for December (Fourth Qtr)

The two numbers for the year till it is valid.

D07 means valid till December of 2007

Go and check out 'your gas' expired or not

Festival in Tavarekere Bangalore

Near Tavarekere Bangalore, festival got over in a temple

Decorated chariot and the temple

A local Artist Performing on the event.

Both sides of the nearby roads of the temple were illuminated and it was a wonderful experience.(click to see large image)

Yellow Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders in the world Taj Mahal -white-marbled monument of love- is losing its sheen due to Air pollution (Sulphur-di-oxide and Nitrus Oxide gases) Remember Month of May is a clean Air Month

17 May 2007

Yahoo Green for Global Warming

A great move from yahoo to aware the people about the Global Warming.
This Yahoo Green green.yahoo.com campaign lounged only for US and looking forward to spread all over the world with the yahoo network. Great job!!!

Believe It, Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum in Bangalore

Ripley's Entertainment Inc, is all set to open 3 museum in Bangalore but not in Mumbai
The 3 Museums are
* Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum
* Guinness World Records Museum
* The Louis Tussads Wax Museum

Location: Innovative Film City at Bidadi, Bangalore, India
Opening : October 2007

Ripley's first considered Mumbai but settled on Bangalore bacuase of climate and space constraints. Banglaore will become the Ripleys' first presence in South East Asia.

Ripley's annual attendance is more than 12 million guests, we have to belive this
Some of Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museums all over the world are
St. Augustine, Florida
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Buena Park, California
Atlantic City, New Jersey Branson, Missouri
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Gold Coast, Australia
Mexico City
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Blackpool, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ocean City, Maryland
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California
Newport, Oregon
Orlando, Florida
Key West, Florida
Grand Prairie, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Pattaya, Thailand
Panama City Beach, Florida
Williamsburg, Virginia

15 May 2007

Rights for Consumers: Online Grievance

The Indian government is committed to ensure and protect the welfare and rights of the consumers in the country.

National Consumer Helpline You may call on the following toll free number 1800-11-4000 (from MTNL or BSNL) for guidance and information on consumer issues
You can lodge the complaint online Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre http://core.nic.in/ Can find some Bangalore people lodged complaints here.

11 May 2007

Yahoo Messenger in a browser

Downloading the yahoo messenger for a chat and installing a tons of stuff into your PC is in the histroy now.

No hassle to download the yahoo messenger just type the url into the browser. login to the feature loaded yahoo messenger on the browser

Only 4 Essential tools for a yahoo chat with out downloading yahoo messenger into your comptuer.

1. A computer
2. A net connection any where in the world
3. Yahoo id
4. Any browser

so cool!!!!

Easy way to get the screen is web.im

This new service was built using Adobe's Flash.

08 May 2007

wear 'I am a thief' signs

Judge orders two shoplifters to wear sandwich boards in four-hour shifts to avoid a 60-day jail sentence. Wal-mart store manager says most reaction to punishment "positive" Click here for news here

Summer in Bangalore

Look at the Bangalore Summer season!!!

Corporate Sale Summer: Big Companies making business on summer.(New BEL Road)

Common Man’s Summer: A Man selling the Balloons at NeelSandra. Schools are closed in Bangalroe during summer season. Head Shaving Summer: To beat the heat software professional has a trend to shaving their heads. Trend in Bangalore!!!Wasting Water Summer: Drinking Water Pipe line in Residency Road leaking (saw today morning)

07 May 2007

CAT missing at Bangalore Railway station

Look at the Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station name board. For a long time the CAT is missing from the name board CANTONMENTIf anybody find this cat, plz inform Lalluji(Railway Minister of India) Dosa Idli already out from the railway menu. But the CAT is essential for all to know the station!!!

South Indians out from Indian Railways

South Indian Favouriates Idli, banana fry and dosa are out from Indian Railways Menu
Fill idli + dosa + sambar with your tummy before entering into the any railway station in India

06 May 2007

Funny website names

Find a therapist here

Get custom made pens on the internet

experts exchange : Your online information and resource portal

who represents Find the name of the agent that represents a celebrit

mole station nursery : Find some popular categories here

cumming first A Church website

speed of art : An art designer website

m3p website

Think before choosing a website name

05 May 2007

Egg Separator Gadget

A hilarious way to separate whites and yolks!

Just crack the egg into the head, tilt to 45 degrees, and let the whites slip out of his nose. So simple ??? This ceramic Egg Separator is Rs 285 ($6.95) and can buy this Stoneware Egg Separator here
Washing this egg separator is another story

Big Bazzar challenging you

Big Bazzar challenging you. Ad at Hosur Road Koramangala BigBazzar (Near Forum Mall).

"If you get anything cheaper & better, we will pay you double the price difference." This is what BigBazzar telling and check out this challenge and see how it works !!!
Look at their other ad campaign
Change Your Lifestyle. Make a smart choice! Formal shirts Rs___
Keep West-aSide. Make a smart choice ! T shirts Rs___
Shoppers! Stop. Make a smart choice ! Sarees Rs___

Life Style Retail, West Side, Shoppers' Stop -All other competitors name accidentally came into their ad? Don't think so...
Looks like the Guerrilla advertising Campaign is getting to the Indian market!!!!

04 May 2007

Run into the History of India

Bangalore is going to witness a Marathon in the Midnight on 19th and 20th May 2007
Be a part of it and run into the history.

Cross Over Claiming that this going to be the worlds first Midnight Marathon. Not really, the Mayo Fly-By-Night Running Club was established in 1996 to host the first Midnight Marathon. Whether it is true or not, get ready to run into the History of India from Bangalore.

Check more details in the site http://www.coindia.com/

Some detial:

IT City Run
Distance 5.5 Kms.
Date: 19th May 2007
Report Time : 04:30 PM (19th May 2007)
Start : 06:30 PM
End : 07:30 PM

Distance 42.195 Kms.
Date: 19th May 2007
Report Time : 04:30 PM (19th May 2007) strange report date, may be it is on 20th
Start Time : 12:00 AM
Finish Time : 06:00 AM

Half Marathon
Distance 21.1 Kms.
Report Time :10:30 p.m. (19th May 2007) strange report date, may be it is on 20th
Date: 20th May 2007
Start Time : 00:30 PM
Finish Time : 06:00 AM

CIPSA Corporate Relay
Distance 42.195 Kms.
Report Time : 10:30 p.m. (19th May 2007) strange report date, may be it is on 20th
Date: 20th May 2007
Start Time : 12:45 AM
Finish Time : 06:00 AM

All races Start : iGate Technologies
All races End : iGate Technologies

Serving shade for her Slotters at MG Road Bangalore

Metro Rail work kicked off in MG Road Banglaore few weeks back. The famous historic Bougainvillea at Anil Kumble Circle, MG Road Bangalore is serving shade for a sign board of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation. This historic Bougainvillea will vanish from MG Road very soon. The Metro rail work progress can see on the background.
Hope this greenery will comeback again to MG Road after the Metro implementation.

The MG Road during colonial times and a view of MG Road Bangalore Now (04 May 2007)

One Request : replant those trees as soon as possible.

03 May 2007

Mobile Phone for Rs 777 ($19) and Apple iphone ($599)

In India Reliance Communications Ltd. (RCL) has unveiled a range of `Classic' mobile handsets with prices starting from INR. 777 Just $19 (Brand New Mobile Phone NOT a used one). This Phone packed with nice features like FM radio, polyphonic ringtones, address book etc

Look at this iphone and its features. Amazing features and amazing price...The iPhone: Price - $499 4GB, $599 8GB in June (Click the play button to watch the video)

02 May 2007

Labor day and Child Labor

We all celebrated Labor day on May 1st . Look at this kid playing with the sparklers. Look more closely to this picture. He is not enjoying with sparklers in his hand. He is working in a welding shop to find some money for his bread. A seen from Bangalore.

AOL launched Indian Portal in Bangalore

AOL, American Giant, came into Indian Market in Bangalore www.aol.in Go and grab your email id before somebody register it

Travel Map Bangalore India

If moving around India or Major cities in India or Moving around in Bangalore
these websites will gudie to to reach the right place.
Lost in banglaore no problem
Bangalore Location
India Location

Cricket Woolmer case delayed ??

Last CCTV footage shows Woolmer with two men : TOI
This news came few days back. Even kids can see two men in that CCTV footage.
“Some 30 police investigators are working full-time on the Woolmer case”
Wondering that 30 police men did not find the two men in the CCTV footage.
This CCTV footage came out only after the final.
Is the investigation was postponing until the Cricket world cup final 2007 get finish?
If so, it is shameful for the entire world especially the cricket world

Which copy of XP is the fake?

Which copy of XP is the fake? Click to Check this

Road Map: Bangalore International Airport

Milestones for the Bangalore International Airport , India

May 03 1999 Memorandum of Understanding signed between AAI & KSIIDC
Jun 1999 Expression of interest invited
Nov 08 2000 Bidders asked for DPR
Oct 29 2001 Siemens-led consortium selected by GoK
Jan 23 2002 Shareholders agreement
Jul 05 2004 Concession agreement signed between GoI - GoK - BIAL
Jan 20 2005 State support agreement signed between GoK - BIAL
Jan 20 2005 Land lease agreement signed between KSIIDC - BIAL
Mar 11 2005 EPC contracts - BIAL, Siemens(Germany),L&T and Siemens India
Apr 08 2005 Operation& Management services agreement-BIAL & unique zurich
Apr 06 2005 CNS/ATM agreement between BIAL and AAI
Apr 30 2005 Land lease deed between BIAL and KSIIDC
Jun 10 2005 Extension of shareholders agreement
Jun 22 2005 SBI guarantee to BIAL on state support of Rs. 350 crores
Jun 23 2005 Declaration of financial close by ICICI Bank
Jul 02 2005 Construction commencement date
Apr 02 2008 Airport opening date

Click to see the Time Schedule for BIA Construction which is updated on 2 May 2007
Source : Bangalore International Airport

Facts about bangalore

• Until 1004 known as Benga-val-oru, the "City of Guards" . Now widely known as Bangalore. Now officially changed to Bengalūru
• Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
• Vehicle KA-01; KA-02; KA-03; KA-04; KA-05; KA-41; KA-51; KA-53
• 920 m (3,018 ft) above sea level
• Area Elevation 2,190 km² (846 sq mi)
• Population 5.2 million (India: 1 billion)
• Density 6,520,000 (3rd) (2006)
• 2,978.6/km² (7,715/sq mi)
• Pincode 560 0xx
• Telephone +91-(0)80
• GDP growth rate 8.3%
• Literacy 75.42%
• Language Regional Language: Kannada.English, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil
are widely spoken and understood.
• Rainfall Average annual rainfall: 859 mm
• Primary rainy season: June - September
• Secondary rainy season: November - December

Gmail goes with free Paper Prints

Have you noticed ' April Fool's Day joke' in the gmail login page.
If not there is a good news for all. You can print your email at a free of cost. Only catch is unnoticeable ad will print on the back of your printout and it takes 2-4 business days to reach at your place. Still it is free.

Everything you can do with a button click 'Paper Archive'

You can read it
Introducing Gmail Paper
About Gmail Paper

01 May 2007

Bangalore Air Pollution & Clean Air Month May

Bangalore is polluting day by day and some vehicles are doing their best how to pollute it in the extreme level in Bangalore.

The entire month(May) is for us to do clean the air. (If you miss the Earth Day 22 April)

Do something for OUR environment to protect it for US and OUR future generation (yes, do it for our children)

Your browser page realizing the air pollution !!! To test that Click here and read carefully what the error page says
"This page cannot be displayed because ......" (read your self the rest)

Click here to see how much Bangalore Polluted in last ten days Source: NDTV