24 April 2007

Traffic Rules 'CIRCLES' in Bangalore Circle

We all know driving without knowing some most important traffic rules.
Let us test our traffic rules knowledge.

On the below animation you can see on top right side 'right' 'wrong' buttons (look closely to see this it is pretty small). Click on this buttons how to follow traffic rules at ROUNDABOUT

Revamp your traffic rules knowledge with above kind of interactive animated stuff from the Chandigarh Traffic Police www.chandigarhtrafficpolice.org which provides tons of information on animated presentation on various traffic situations and how to handle it properly. Click here to see this. A must read website, if you are a responsible driver.

A wrong traffic rule by some drives(not all) follows in Bangalore are when a vehicle entering into the Roundabout (Circle) getting less priory than the vehicle is just trying to enter the circle. For this an excellent animated representation is taken from Chandigarh Traffic Police website.

Karnataka Chief Minister's 10 Point Programme for Improvement of Bangalore City Traffic Click Here

Bottom Line: Of course with out our contributions the Bangalore City Traffic rules will never get better.

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  1. These rules are meant to be broken, by the CM's driver.