21 December 2008

Xmas in Bangalore

Bangalore dipped into the Xmas mood and every where we can see the lights and sounds. Its Christmas and New Year time and lots of families are out to check out the Xmas and New Year bash.

Nilgiris Cake cake exhibition is going on at St. Jospeh's Indian High School, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore (close to MG Road, drive straight down from MG road and after first signal on the left you can see the school - near to Kandeerava Indoor Stadium) .

Details of the show

Show Name: National Consumer Fair 2008 Bangalore
Ends on 28th December 2008
Timing : 11 am to 9 pm
Entrance Fee : Rs. 30 per head
Parking: Parking fee applicable. Also crowed to get a parking slot on weekends
Main Attraction : Cake exhibition, Buckingham Palace, 7 world wonders, DC Book Fair.
Eatable : Allowed
Security: Metal detectors implemented, but not found any security to check ( so stupid)
Offers :
* Buy DC Books worth Rs: 300 and redeem the entrance ticket for Britannica Encyclopedia CD ROM worth Rs 995 free* (conditions apply as usual) . Also in the DC Books staffs are are talking in Malayalam which most of the customers are not able to understand.
* Get a Rs 15 discount for Hayson Premium Lemon Tea 25 flavored tea bag cost is Rs. 70. You can try the green tea before buying it.
* Its nice to do shopping in the shopping exhibition.
* Nilgiris xmas cake price Rs. 250 - 350 per kg (average)

Xmas New year photos from Bangalore

16 Feet by 58 feet Xmas Cake displayed in Nilgiris Cake Exhibition Bangalore
20 people worked for 71 days to made this cake
Sugar Used 8 Tonnes
A Must Watch !!!

Nilgiris Cake Exhibition seven wonders : Petra Jordan
Great work and hats off the team behind this cake

Pyramid Mexico : Another Wonder Cake in Bangalore Cake Exhibition

Don't miss to watch the Bangalore cake exhibition, it ends on 28th December.

Most of the shopping malls in Bangalore are ready for the Christmas and New Year.

One of the hyper market SPAR at Bannerghatta road is well decorated and the x'mas shopping gives a pleasure over there. At Spar Bangalore, there is an 'angel' who greets you in the Xmas and New Year season evenings. Also most shops give huge discounts to attract their customers.

Angel greets you at Spar Bangalore.

Pixetra - a genuine camera shop in Spar which offers great bargains to its customers.
A worth to check the price at Pixetra before buying any camera in Bangalore and they give a very good deal comparing to other shops. It situated at ground floor, just opposite to Reebok, Spar Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Well decorated shopping Malls for Xmas shopping:
Snow Man welcomes you at Spar Bangalore

A dancing Santa Clause at the entrance of SPAR Bangalore

Get ready for the Xmas new year shopping and celebrations !!!

Merry X'mas and Happy New year 2009

14 December 2008

1090 is not terror helpline

There is a hoax mail spinning around the web and it says

"Dear all, In case you come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a note of the new all India toll-free terror helpline 1090. Your city’s police or Anti-Terror Squad will take action as quickly as possible."

1090 is NOT a terror help line number in India. 1090 is the helpline for senior citizens, run by the city police and Nightingales Medical Trust (still I called 1090 to confirm it from airtel and unfortunately airtel says its not a valid number !!!)

So in case you get a mail like this and what you can do is immediately 'replay to all' and inform that 1090 is NOT a terror helpline.

Any body knows which is the common toll free terror help line in India and can call free from any telephone service providers ?

08 December 2008

worlds first computer mouse turns 40

If you can scroll down this page using your page, first give a big thanks to Dr Douglas Engelbart.

Yes, today is the birthday for the worlds first computer mouse and its turned to 40. December 9, 1968 the world's mouse was first introduced to the public, conducted by Dr Douglas Engelbart in California.
World's first computer mouse image

It was a demonstration of interactive computing , an event now acknowledged as the mother of all demos'.

World's first mouse demo : Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo

Happy Birthday Computer Mouse !!!

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01 December 2008

AIDS history

December 1st of every year is world AIDS day and AIDS history time line is very well presented and very informative.

HIV AIDS Time Line / History

See here or click on the images to see the interesting and interactive HIV / AIDS Time line since 1981

In South India, Bangalore is the place sells highest number of Condoms. In Bangalore, the highest selling place is Koramangala. Is it due to IT ?

Make aware of your friends about the AIDS 20 'ways' to get AIDS

Beware of AIDS

15 November 2008

PIN Codes in India

Interesting facts about PIN Codes

How to read PIN Code in India

First digit in PIN code indicates one of the regions (north, south,east west).
The first 2 digits together indicate the sub region or one of the postal circles.
The first 3 digits together indicate a sorting / revenue district.
The last 3 digits refer to the delivery Post Office.

First one digit of PIN Indicates which Region in India

PIN code starts with 1 and 2 is for North India
PIN code starts with 3 and 4 is for West India
PIN code starts with 5 and 6 is for South India
PIN code starts with 7 and 8 is for East India

The first 1 digits of PIN indicates
PIN code starts with 1 is for the Indian Stages Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir
PIN code starts with 2 is for the Indian Stages Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
PIN code starts with 3 is for the Indian Stages Rajasthan and Gujarat
PIN code starts with 4 is for the Indian Stages Chattisgarh ,Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh
PIN code starts with 5 is for the Indian Stages Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
PIN code starts with 6 is for the Indian Stages Kerala and Tamil Nadu
PIN code starts with 7 is for the Indian Stages West Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
PIN code starts with 8 is for the Indian Stages Bihar & Jharkand

The first 2 digits of PIN indicates
11 Delhi
12 and 13 Haryana
14 to 16 Punjab
17 Himachal Pradesh
18 to 19 Jammu & Kashmir
20 to 28 Uttaar Pradesh
30 to 34 Rjasthan
36 to 39 Gujarath
40 to 44 Maharastra
45 to 49 Madhya Pradesh
50 to 53 Andhra Pradesh
56 to 59 Karnataka
60 to 64 Tamil Nadu
67 to 69 Kerala
70 to 74 West Bengal
75 to 77 Orissa
78 Assam
79 North Eastern
80 to 85 Bihar

All Bangalore PIN Codes starts with 5600
First 2 digits of Karnataka State PIN Codes is 56 to 59

In Bangalore Post Offices around 500000 snail mails every day and around 40000 are not delivered due to incorrect address, wrong PIN codes etc.

So who ever sending a letter, make sure that write a correct address with pin code with a readable hand writing.

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04 November 2008

Team work in Bangalore

'Team work' is the keyword to success. The Bangalore kids are learning it in a 'practical way' from their way from home to school.

Today morning I noticed a small car (Maruti Omni 5 seater) which packed with kids near Marathalli Over Bridge, Bangalore. I don't know exactly the total number of kids in the entire cab. In the front seat there were 6 to 7 children squeezed and sitting. A kid is sitting on the lap of the driver too. Its happening in the peak hours traffic in Bangalore.

If parents wants to save money and they are ready to take the risk of their children, then at least the school authority should take action to stop these kind of transportation to the school.

Recently I read an article about an RTO chased a brand new school bus in the Highway and seized it because of the improper documents. Good job, but why the same RTOs are not seeing such incidents in the heart of the city.

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27 October 2008

Tornado in Bangalore

Tornado in Bangalore, India

Yesterday evening there was an unusual seen in the Bangalore Sky. A 'real' Tornado (though it was a cloud formation). The cloud formed exactly like a Twister. The below shots are taken from MS Ramaiah Hospital near BEL Road.

Tornado in India

Twister in Bangalore

This 'Tornado' was clearly visible from MG road too.

About Tornado:
A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud.

Although tornadoes have been observed on every continent except Antarctica, most occur in the United States. They also commonly occur in southern Canada, south-central and eastern Asia, east-central South America, Southern Africa, northwestern and southeast Europe, western and southeastern Australia, and New Zealand.

Is it was a real Tornado came in Bangalore?
Anybody from Bangalore noticed it ?

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Diwali in Bangalore

In India the festivals of lights Diwali/ Deepavali arrived for this year (2008) and people from all religions celebrating this festival most areas in India. Even the economic recessions all over the world not much effected the Diwali celebrations in most part of India. The shops are crowed to grab the loved stuffs from the shops.

Rush in Fireworks shop in Manoranjan Theatre compound
near Mekri circle Bangalore

Bangalore was raining for the last few days especially in the evening and it effected a lot in the business. But on the previous day the sky was too sunny and which helped the Families in Bangalore to buy lights, sweets and fireworks to their dear and near ones.

Happy Diwali/ Deepavali 2008

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16 October 2008

Protect your salary account

If you are holding a corporate salary account in any Bank, take an extra measure because Phishers are target for Corporate Accounts in India.

You may get a mail into your internet banking mailbox stating that 'your account is being upgraded for security reasons. Please update your details within the next 24 hours'

Usually if you receive a mail into your banking account inbox, usually nobody will suspect its a phishing mail. Phishers are getting smart to convince you to provide the banking details to them.

The fake mail will ask you to upgrade your account and the mail looks like a genuine. It will guide you a website and will have to provide the account details inculding your password and PIN.

Once you provide the details to that website, the phishers will immediately change your account user name, password, email, phone number like your communication information with your bank. This will take the phishers to block the communication with your bank.

How you can prevent phishing ?

* Never ever provide any kind of your account details to websites especially your PIN, passwords.

* If you get a mail which looks like from the bank and it there is a link in that mail, just keep your mouse pointer on the link and observer the link bar (which is down in most of the browsers). It will show that the link is leading to some other website.

* You never get banking related mails from yahoo, gmail providers eg: citibankupdates@gmail.com . These are fake mails.

* Immediately check with customer care if you find anything specious

* Try to avoid internet browsers for checking online accounts

* Make sure that https is there in the website address

* Use antivirus program and adware programs in your comptuer and make sure that updates are happening regurerly Suggest Avast Home Free Edition and Adaware 2008 Free home

In Bangalore the phishers are targeting to 4 private banks because they are holding the Corporate Accounts

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15 October 2008

epost India

What is e post ?

In India, epost service is provided by India Post.
ePost Service is launched on 30th January 2004 in India.

Instead of writing a letter, you just mail the matter to India Post. The Indian Postal department will make a print out of your email and will deliver it to address.

How to send an epost?

1. First you have to register online using postal department website and a minimum of Rs. 250 has to be paid at this stage. Credit card will accept here with a surcharge of 6 %

Or you can buy the ePost Prepaid Card from any of the Head Post Offices throughout the country and follow the directions on the card and on-screen.The cards are available in denominations of Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 2000, Rs. 5000 and Rs. 10,000.

2. Once you have the account with India Post, you can send your 'eletter' to the correct locations.
email ids for the correct locations you will get it from the India Post website.

3. Once you send your letter through email, the postal department will print it and send it to the address what you specified

4. Tariff for sending epost messages by Paid users using pre-paid cardswill be @ Rs 6- per page of the message. (Bulk discounts also available)


1. Note that epost messages are treated on par with the unregistered letters

2. The problem with epost is the content can read by the postal department persons who is downloading the emails, printing and putting into the envelope. Usually they will not read those content.

Happy eposting

01 October 2008

Gandhiji Insult

World Leaders Insulted

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi populary known as Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi and it has specail meaning.

Gandhiji - ji stands for respect
Mahatma Gandhi - Mahatma stands for Great Soul

Gandhiji is a unique idol for all over the world and well known for total non-violence.
On his birthday October 2nd celebrate International Day of Non-Violence.

But some fools in some corner of the world making some fun such a great personality and making advantage from it. Nobody can point out a similar personlaity like Gandhiji in the world.

Photoshoped Gandhiji barbequing and drinking beers :
What a insult for the entire world ?

Photoshoed Nelson Mandela

They even not spared the famous Asian/African Icons Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama.

Its high time to speak out about this stupid acts

All these came from the same newspaper who printed the controversial cartoons of Msulim prophet Muhammad.

The ad company is uncle.dk

Never fogive them for these kind of acts.

04 August 2008

Logitech Tri Color Mouse

Logitech Independence mouse
Logitech salutes the 61st Indian Independence Day by launching a Tri Color mouse.

* USB plug-and-play
* All terrain optical sensor
* Smooth tracking and maximum surface coverage
* Integrated cord-wrap - allows to wind the cord into the mouse.
* Shock resistant
* Smooth, rounded shape for perfect balance of comfort and mobility
Logitech Independence mouse

* Price INR 640
* 3-year replacement warranty

Logitech Said: "Allow the Tri Color mouse to make a statement about you and your country through its simplicity. Gift it to folks who share the same passion and belief in this nation like you do,"
Logitech mouse list

Hope techies/companies will present to their friends/employees during Indian's Independence day. Definitely we will see it in Bangalore.

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01 August 2008

Change the world

Only you can change the world,

A great video and a must watch.

Believe me!!!

Yes you can 'reverse' the world or our future will be in dark.

What you think about this video ?


25 July 2008

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

Bangalore was panic for some time after hearing the news of a serious of minor Bomb Blast. Most of the offices released the employees and when I was passing the south Bangalore, the life was quite normal. What I felt is there where not very much traffic on the road. May be I left early from my office.

No idea who is behind this and why it is doing in such a peaceful city in India ?

Bangalore Bomb Blast Photo Location

Bangalore life normal after the blast
(Photo taken around 6:00 PM on the blast day at BTM)

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

- Madiwala
- Richmond Circle
- Nayandanahalli, Mysore Road
- Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
- Adugodi
- Langford Road

Get a closer view of the map at BITS

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22 July 2008

Bicycle Bangalore

Both Bicycle and Bangalore starts from Big B. At last the outsourcing capital of the world - Bangalore - is going to witness 'Ride Bicycle Save Life Cycle'. Yes, it is doing by the bicycle lover techies in Bangalore.

'Lets make Bangalore Greener': Cycle Rally in Bangalore

Yes, hardly very few are coming in Bicycle to the offices in Bangalore. Even we can find few bicycles on the road. While riding bicycle, the rider saves his/her life, keep the environment clean and save money too. We should consider China as a role model here. Our Government doing nothing policy to make our environment clean and not sure how much support are getting these kind of initiatives.

Chinese people are getting more fun between the legs!!!
Out or a billion bicycles in the world 400 million bicycles are in China!!!

Cycle Rally Bangalore details:

Venue : Lalbagh West Gate
Date : 27 July 2008
Time: Start between 6:30 7:00 AM
Route : Lalbagh to Cubbon Park
Eligibility : A bicycle with good health.
Registration : Through website or cycler@itcyclers.com
Initiated by : Techies Bangalore
Goal : For a Greener Bangalore / Bengaluru - Create awareness
Website : www.itcyclers.com
Remarks : Its not a contest.

Hi Techies, all the best for the initiative to make Bangalore Green. Unfortunately I am not eligible for this Reason: no Bicycle :(

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Contract in Bangalore

Putting English names for the Hindi movies are rare, but the one recently released Hindi movie 'Contract' from Ram Gopal Varma. Contract reviews says that its bleeding in the movie halls. Is it like another Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag ?

CONTRACT ad in Bangalore.

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20 July 2008

Brand Factory Bangalore

Brand Factory is setting up a new showroom in Bangalore. It is located on Hosur Road.

Bangalore Hosur Road Brand Factory Location : From Hosur Road > Forum > Chirst College > Go to Diary Circle > Cross NIMHANS > 400 - 500 meters after NIMHANS on the main road (Hosur Road) itself, on the left side you can find Brand Factory.

For the south Bangaloreans no need to go to Marathalli Brand Factory (BF) for the shopping.

Don't know the exact opening date. Definitely end of this month.

Final touch ups at Hosur Road Brand Factory, Bangalore

About Brand Factory:

* Its from Pantaloon and its their new retail format is Brand Factory.
* First Brand Factory opened in Marathalli, Bangalore
* Offerd 120 brands like Arrow, Esprit, Van Heusen, Levis, Reebok, Lee, Pepe, Wrangler and
* area of 70,000 sq ft in Brand Factory Marathalli, Bangalore
* Guaranteed a minimum discount is 20 per cent
* Average discounts on brands is 35-40 per cent
* Target customers between 20-35 years age group
* Plan to open 55 Brand Factory outlets in 40 cities by 2010
* Brand Factory outlets offers
plenty of space
fully air-condition
slickly designed
parking space
Guaranteed 20 per cent discount on brands

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09 July 2008

Cheating in Petrol Pump

Beware of Cheating in Petrol Pump, Bangalore. One of my reader Sana posted a comment on one of my posts about Petrol Pumps in Bangalore. I feel that people should aware of it and need special attention of it. So I am posting it here

Cheating in Petrol Pump

"Be careful of BPCX Petrol Pump - Jayanagar Servx Statxon at the South End traffic signal in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The workers here are very sly and seasoned manipulators. They seem to be old hands in this thing.

Just yesterday I wanted to fill up my tank. One of the persons engaged me in talk and was trying to convince me that using a credit card does not attract any transaction fee. This is the first time someone in petrol pump tried to persuade me to use a credit card to make the payment!! Then the person who was actually dispensing the petrol stopped at Rs 150. When I asked him why he had stopped, he told me that he heard that I wanted to fill Rs 150 worth fuel. When I told him I wanted to fill the tank, he continued filling the fuel. He did not show me the zero setting. All this while the other guy kept pestering me about payment with credit card and distracting me. The dispensing guy finally told me that he has filled the tank. This time it came to about Rs. 1180. When I proceeded to pay only Rs 1180 they told me that I need to pay the additional Rs 150 they had filled earlier. I did not have the time to argue since I had to catch up with a meeting. So I feel I ended up paying Rs. 150 more. The manager at the pump was not of much help. He seems to be mixed up with these fellows. Avoid this petrol pump like the plague." - From Sana

One more cheating what I noticed is when they give the balance, there will be a shortage of 100 or 50 rupees. If you start counting, then they will give the missing amount and say some excuse. If you are not paying much attention to your balance, your 50 or 100 will be in their pocket.

The cost of the petrol is too high now a days and every drop count. Which ever petrol pump you visit, put extra care in the petrol pumps in Bangalore, India


07 July 2008

Pet Shop Bangalore

Pets are living in a Posh way in Bangalore. If you are pet lover, you can find few exclusive pet shops in all around Bangalore. Pet Clinic to Pet Beauty Parlors are existing in Bangalore metro.
One Kilo of Cat Biscuits cost from Rs. 220 to 400 and pet lovers are not hesitate to buy it for their loved ones!!!

Pet Shop Bangalore : HSR Layout, Bangalore, India

Some metro pet lovers will wonder, how the village pets are growing with out expensive nutritious pet food?

In China, how the Communism applied in their pets ?? Any ideas ?

If you are a pet lover Don't forget to 'Chicken Police Video'


04 July 2008

Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut is good for health and its available through out in Bangalore in the price tag of Rs 10 to 12. Even you can find door delivery service of Tender Coconut who carries more than 100 Tender Coconut in both sides of the bicycle.

Tender Coconut has a power of take your life if we are not disposing the waste and no body in Bangalore care about it. The shells of Tender coconut is a good place for the mosquitoes breed because it is a water collection point.

Now its the rainy season in Bangalore. Dengue, Chikungunya kind of decease can cost your life. So Make sure that your neighborhood is neat and clean and secure your health.

Hill of Tender Coconut waste formed in Whitefield,
Near Vaidehi Hospital, Bangalore


03 July 2008

Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli, the largest 7th city in Tamil Nadu and Tirunelveli halwa is famous all over the world (atlesat in India, to be more precise - at least in south India)

The most popular shop in Tirunelveli must be selling over Rs 100,000 of Halwa per day and
Marwarii family who is there for more than 300 years are the famous Halwa maker in Tirunelveli.

Tirunelveli Halwa in Bangalore: A mobile Tirunelveli Halwa shop

You can find lot of sweet shops in Bangalore, but for the first time I am seeing a mobile sweetshop in Bangalore and more over in the heavy traffic.

Tirunelveli Halwa Recipe

Soak one kg of whole grains of wheat for eight hours.

Hand grind. Let the milk-like batter settle.

Pour the milk-like batter and 4½ kg sugar into a wide iron karhai or wok. Heat, stirring continuously till it begins to boil and bubble. Then add 2¼ kg ghee. Boil it down till it thickens and is nearly solid.

Pour onto a greased thali or plate. Let it cool and cut or serve into desired portions.

Halwa Recipe taken from rediff

01 July 2008

Laundry Bangalore

Generally in Bangalore Laundry people charge between Rs. 30 - 40 per kilo and Rs 2.50 per piece only for ironing/pressing. Bangalore is famous for IT and the 'influence' can see in the name boards at least some places in a form of spelling mistakes.

IT influence in Bangalore : Laundry become LANdry

Monika in Bangalore works hard for 16 hours per day just like Monika Lewinsky who worked hard for Clinton!!!

LANdry : Can we adapt it as a technical term when the LAN goes down. Also we can consider WANdry, Webdry etc etc..

16 June 2008

Cancer sniffing dogs

Cancer sniffing dogs cloned in Seoul that can sniff out human cancer cells.

Picture of Cancer sniffing Dogs
Marine R, Marine L, Marine N, Marine S

Three months old all four Marine RLNS are in Japan and going under training program.

Marine the mother Marine RLNS
The most superior cancer sniffing dog trained in Japan

RLN Bio Seoul Korea developed this Cancer sniffing dogs and hope the cloning technology is using in a positive way. Basically Marine is preserved through cloning.

Source : RLN Bio

Cheap Mobile Phone India

Mobile Phones are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day and now in India we get mobile phone for just Rs.555 (US$ 13) from Reliance Mobile.

Mobile Phone Recharge shop in Bangalore, India

You get Airtel, Spice, Tata Indicom, Vodafone, Reliance Mobile, BSNL are the few mobile service providers in India.

15 June 2008

Bangalore Mirror Anniversary

Bangalore Mirror first Anniversary means Bangalore Mirror Turns One and they are celebrating all over in Bangalore. In Forum and Garuda Mall there are lot of fun activities going on like one minute (may be 2nd birthday they will go for two minutes), mad contest, quizzes, arm wrestling, push ups, ILU etc etc. Yesterday evening I went to Forum mall and lot of actives going on and Bangalore mirror is getting crowd for their show from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Today (16 June 2008) also you can watch it and participate it.

'Crucified' by Bangalore Mirror:
Bangalore Lady trying to stand on her one feet for one minute in fun activities

Its fun to watch for some time and even participating it. Usually Bangalore Mirror give us the fun in daily morning news, but today they are giving some fun in the evening too.

'Happy Birthday Bangalore Mirror'

This is my post when Bangalore Mirror Stared one year back : Bangalore Mirror : Ads in top gear

Fathers Day Bangalore

June 15 is fathers day and wishing a 'Great father's Day' . 'With out you it is not possible us to wish!!!'

Father's Day Gift at Bangalore:
Ad in a shop at Forum Mall Bangalore

14 June 2008

google logo

Why Google logo changed ?

New logo will scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices. May be for gphone too.

before and after choosing google favicon

* something distinctive and noticeable
* aimed toward transparency or semi-transparency
* more distinctive noticeable shape than just a block
* 300 permutations tried before deciding the google logo

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Source: gOOgLE

13 June 2008

Dasavatharam review

Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam of Rs.1.3 billion budget becomes the costliest ever Indian Movie (Rs 1300000000 or USD 30310000) Jackie Chan came to Chennai on a chartered flight (cost Rs.100 million) and a total cost of the movie is crosses Rs.1.4 billion

Dasavatharam story

When the movie begins 12th century Kamal will get trouble with the 'King' Napolean and throw him into the sea with a God's Statue. After that the story moves to our present world. Scientest Hero Kamal will invents a 'BIG' dangerous bio weapon and another Villan Kamal try to get it from Hero Kamal. Some reasons bio weapon reaches to Old Lady Kamal who lives in India. Hero Kamal try to get it from the Old Lady Kamal and she will hide it inside Lord Vishnu statue. Villan Kamal also parallely chases to get bio weapon with the help of a HOT 'translator + prostitute' (Mallika Sherawat). A police Kamal also chase to get bio weapon at teh same time. Before ending the story a Punjabi Kamal, Martial Art Trainer Kamal, TALL Muslim Kamal and Annachi Kamal will come into the big screen. At last the REAL HERO Tsunami (not Kamal) comes and rescue the hero Kamal and destroys the bio weapon. Also the 12th century God's Statue will come up with the REAL HERO Tsunami (not Kamal).

Dasavatharam Bangalore
A poster of Dasavatharam displayed in front of a movie hall in Bangalore

Dasavatharam roles

Angarajan Nambi
Govind American Scientist
95 Year Old Lady
Balram Naidu
Punjabi Singer
US President George Bush
Tall Muslim
Martial Arts Trainer
Annachi (Tamil Man)

Dasavatharam review:

If you want to see 10 Kamal Hassans in a single movie get ready, start, action and watch it at theater. If you want to watch 10 super performance of Kamal Hassan, go and pick 10 old Kamal Hassan movies from the CD Shop

Moonram Pirai
Thevar magan
Saagara Sangamam
Swathi Muthyam
Avvai Shanmughi
Michael Madan Kama Rajan
Indiran Chandiran
Apoorva Sahodaragal

Still because of the Hype of this movie, most of the movie lovers are irresistible to watch it.

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07 June 2008

Ice Beer

Never keep beer in the freezer for a full day. The beer become a real ICE beer after blasting the bottle and will get a 'refreshing' smell in every compartment of your refrigerator.

Real ICE Beer: Beer bottle blasted in the freezer

04 June 2008

Petrol Pumps Bangalore

After announcing the fuel and gas price most of the petrol pumps either closed or no stock board displayed at least for toady. From tomorrow onwards the price will increase Rs 5 and Rs 3 for petrol respectively.

Crowed Petrol Pump in Bangalore in the night around 10 PM before the price hike

If the crude oil goes down, will the price of all fuel, goods, bus fares etc will come down? All kind of workers have union to increase the price, In reality we public still not have a union!!!

03 June 2008

UFO again in Bangalore

Today night around 9:15 PM when I was talking on the phone and found an unusual seen in the sky. A group of light moving very fast and it was floating in the air. Have you seen a group of birds flying in the morning or evening time? Its shape is similar to that. Pretty sure its not an air plane nor Comet. Color of the light is somewhat dim bright ones. Can say around 30 to 40 light object set were in that seen.

Tried to take a snap in my mobile and did not come up. Only dark image.

Again Flying saucer in Bangalore ? Or what is it ?

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30 May 2008

new google logo

Google replaced the Captial G to small g. Google favicon changed to a new one

Google old and new favicon

Google new logo in
google search google images google gmail
google news google shopping

28 May 2008

Jackie Chan Wushu Video

Wushu, movie from Jackie Chan's Stable. Jackie Chan is the Executive producer of the movie and not acting in it. A new generation of Chinese martial arts actors presenting in this movie. Chan organized a promotional campaign in the 61st International Cannes Film Festival on 2008 in Cannes, France. Recently Jackie Chan visited Indian for the audio release of Kamal Hassan's movie Dasavatharam.

Jackie Chan at 61st International Cannes Film Festival 2008

Wushu Video : China wushu Champion

Moive Wushu ( meaning martial arts / sports)
Actors Liu Fengchao,
Director Antony Szeto
Executive producer Jackie Chan

26 May 2008

IT computer cartoon

Are you looking for some computer related cartoon sites. Its better to have a look on this site and they update it daily. Great work they are doing.
IT cartoons

Computer Cartoons

Its worth to check the site and make some smile on your face at geekandpoke

tweeting the God : Technology Cartoons

Creator of these cartoons : IT guy Oliver Widder from Germany.


23 May 2008

bangalore weekend

Need a good rest after a long week work !!! Trailer Truck under repair in JP Nagar, Bangalore

Have a nice week end !!

20 May 2008

Save turtles

Olive Ridley turtles rely on an inexplicable, in-built navigation system that guides them, when it’s time for them to reproduce, back to the precise coast on which they were born!!!!

The proposed Tata port at Dhamra threatens a nesting site that is amongst the last honeymoon suites for the remaining Olive Ridleys, a highly-endangered species that swims all the way here from places as far away as Australia and the Philippines.

The world famous Iconic Iron Man from India Mr. Ratan Tata and we are consuming his products in everyday life with and with out knowing. Such a loyal customers to TATA and we are the most responsible persons to guide him if he is doing something against our nature.

Only two people can stop the port: You and Ratan Tata

Write to Ratan Tata NOW

through greenpeace to save the turtles.

Message to Mr. Ratan Tata

'Dear Mr.Tata,

The Tata name is today omnipresent in India, through a choice of affordable products and has today grown from a national giant into an international financial player. At the same time, you insist that the TATA group has a firm commitment to environmental justice and sustainable development. I am writing to ask you to demonstrate that the TATA Group does indeed have such a commitment and it does not put profits above environmental and social well being.

I am disappointed with the way Tata Steel has conducted itself on the Dhamra port issue in Orissa. There has for some time been clear proof of the irreversible effects that this huge port will have on the highly-endangered endangered Olive Ridley turtles. What is even more distressing to me is that you had clearly promised to abandon the port if evidence of turtle presence was ever unearthed, yet this promise is now not being kept. Not just that, despite the simple fact that ports can be shifted while turtle nesting grounds can not, Tata Steel continues to build the Dhamra port.

I have been a follower of the Tata story and role you are looking to play in shaping modern India. Surely a decision to protect the Dhamra area and shift your port to an alternative environmentally-benign site will be more in keeping with the image that the Tatas project, and the legacy left by men such as JRD Tata, than the current position you have adopted?

I earnestly urge you to look at alternative locations for the Dhamra port. Such a decision will raise the Tata standing in my eyes and, I am sure, in the eyes of millions of Indians, not to mention an increasing global audience.'

Send message to TATA

Act now and save us !!!

16 May 2008

HOT Car wash video

HOT Car wash video. Never miss the six Japan .... !! Watch carefully !?

2009 subaru forester

14 May 2008

Amir Khan blog

Amir Khan started a blog. Amir Khan wrote that Shahrukh is licking his feet. Wondering ??

Aamir Khan's blog

Why Shahrukh Khan is licking Amir Khan's leg ??

Amir Khan : A famous actor in India (Hollywood)
Shahrukh Khan : A famous actor in India (Hollywood)
Shahrukh Khan : A famous actor Amir Khan's dog name.

Amir Khan's blog address www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm
Amir Khan's website url www.aamirkhan.com

You will get an opportunity to chat with Amir Khan !!!

Khans influence in the Indian film Industry especially in Hollywood

Amir Khan
Shahrukh Khan
Salman Khan
Amjith Khan
Sohail Khan
Saif Ali Khan
Irfan Khan
Zayed Khan
Sanjay Khan
Fardeen Khan
Riaz Khan (Tamil & Malayalam)
Mansoor Ali Khan (Tamil)
Imran Khan (latest entry)

Still it is an incomplete list

Are those Khans are brothers ??

Yes, All Indians are my brothers and sisters !!!!