16 June 2008

Cancer sniffing dogs

Cancer sniffing dogs cloned in Seoul that can sniff out human cancer cells.

Picture of Cancer sniffing Dogs
Marine R, Marine L, Marine N, Marine S

Three months old all four Marine RLNS are in Japan and going under training program.

Marine the mother Marine RLNS
The most superior cancer sniffing dog trained in Japan

RLN Bio Seoul Korea developed this Cancer sniffing dogs and hope the cloning technology is using in a positive way. Basically Marine is preserved through cloning.

Source : RLN Bio

Cheap Mobile Phone India

Mobile Phones are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day and now in India we get mobile phone for just Rs.555 (US$ 13) from Reliance Mobile.

Mobile Phone Recharge shop in Bangalore, India

You get Airtel, Spice, Tata Indicom, Vodafone, Reliance Mobile, BSNL are the few mobile service providers in India.

15 June 2008

Bangalore Mirror Anniversary

Bangalore Mirror first Anniversary means Bangalore Mirror Turns One and they are celebrating all over in Bangalore. In Forum and Garuda Mall there are lot of fun activities going on like one minute (may be 2nd birthday they will go for two minutes), mad contest, quizzes, arm wrestling, push ups, ILU etc etc. Yesterday evening I went to Forum mall and lot of actives going on and Bangalore mirror is getting crowd for their show from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Today (16 June 2008) also you can watch it and participate it.

'Crucified' by Bangalore Mirror:
Bangalore Lady trying to stand on her one feet for one minute in fun activities

Its fun to watch for some time and even participating it. Usually Bangalore Mirror give us the fun in daily morning news, but today they are giving some fun in the evening too.

'Happy Birthday Bangalore Mirror'

This is my post when Bangalore Mirror Stared one year back : Bangalore Mirror : Ads in top gear

Fathers Day Bangalore

June 15 is fathers day and wishing a 'Great father's Day' . 'With out you it is not possible us to wish!!!'

Father's Day Gift at Bangalore:
Ad in a shop at Forum Mall Bangalore

14 June 2008

google logo

Why Google logo changed ?

New logo will scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices. May be for gphone too.

before and after choosing google favicon

* something distinctive and noticeable
* aimed toward transparency or semi-transparency
* more distinctive noticeable shape than just a block
* 300 permutations tried before deciding the google logo

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new google logo

Source: gOOgLE

13 June 2008

Dasavatharam review

Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam of Rs.1.3 billion budget becomes the costliest ever Indian Movie (Rs 1300000000 or USD 30310000) Jackie Chan came to Chennai on a chartered flight (cost Rs.100 million) and a total cost of the movie is crosses Rs.1.4 billion

Dasavatharam story

When the movie begins 12th century Kamal will get trouble with the 'King' Napolean and throw him into the sea with a God's Statue. After that the story moves to our present world. Scientest Hero Kamal will invents a 'BIG' dangerous bio weapon and another Villan Kamal try to get it from Hero Kamal. Some reasons bio weapon reaches to Old Lady Kamal who lives in India. Hero Kamal try to get it from the Old Lady Kamal and she will hide it inside Lord Vishnu statue. Villan Kamal also parallely chases to get bio weapon with the help of a HOT 'translator + prostitute' (Mallika Sherawat). A police Kamal also chase to get bio weapon at teh same time. Before ending the story a Punjabi Kamal, Martial Art Trainer Kamal, TALL Muslim Kamal and Annachi Kamal will come into the big screen. At last the REAL HERO Tsunami (not Kamal) comes and rescue the hero Kamal and destroys the bio weapon. Also the 12th century God's Statue will come up with the REAL HERO Tsunami (not Kamal).

Dasavatharam Bangalore
A poster of Dasavatharam displayed in front of a movie hall in Bangalore

Dasavatharam roles

Angarajan Nambi
Govind American Scientist
95 Year Old Lady
Balram Naidu
Punjabi Singer
US President George Bush
Tall Muslim
Martial Arts Trainer
Annachi (Tamil Man)

Dasavatharam review:

If you want to see 10 Kamal Hassans in a single movie get ready, start, action and watch it at theater. If you want to watch 10 super performance of Kamal Hassan, go and pick 10 old Kamal Hassan movies from the CD Shop

Moonram Pirai
Thevar magan
Saagara Sangamam
Swathi Muthyam
Avvai Shanmughi
Michael Madan Kama Rajan
Indiran Chandiran
Apoorva Sahodaragal

Still because of the Hype of this movie, most of the movie lovers are irresistible to watch it.

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07 June 2008

Ice Beer

Never keep beer in the freezer for a full day. The beer become a real ICE beer after blasting the bottle and will get a 'refreshing' smell in every compartment of your refrigerator.

Real ICE Beer: Beer bottle blasted in the freezer

04 June 2008

Petrol Pumps Bangalore

After announcing the fuel and gas price most of the petrol pumps either closed or no stock board displayed at least for toady. From tomorrow onwards the price will increase Rs 5 and Rs 3 for petrol respectively.

Crowed Petrol Pump in Bangalore in the night around 10 PM before the price hike

If the crude oil goes down, will the price of all fuel, goods, bus fares etc will come down? All kind of workers have union to increase the price, In reality we public still not have a union!!!

03 June 2008

UFO again in Bangalore

Today night around 9:15 PM when I was talking on the phone and found an unusual seen in the sky. A group of light moving very fast and it was floating in the air. Have you seen a group of birds flying in the morning or evening time? Its shape is similar to that. Pretty sure its not an air plane nor Comet. Color of the light is somewhat dim bright ones. Can say around 30 to 40 light object set were in that seen.

Tried to take a snap in my mobile and did not come up. Only dark image.

Again Flying saucer in Bangalore ? Or what is it ?

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