25 July 2008

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

Bangalore was panic for some time after hearing the news of a serious of minor Bomb Blast. Most of the offices released the employees and when I was passing the south Bangalore, the life was quite normal. What I felt is there where not very much traffic on the road. May be I left early from my office.

No idea who is behind this and why it is doing in such a peaceful city in India ?

Bangalore Bomb Blast Photo Location

Bangalore life normal after the blast
(Photo taken around 6:00 PM on the blast day at BTM)

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

- Madiwala
- Richmond Circle
- Nayandanahalli, Mysore Road
- Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
- Adugodi
- Langford Road

Get a closer view of the map at BITS

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22 July 2008

Bicycle Bangalore

Both Bicycle and Bangalore starts from Big B. At last the outsourcing capital of the world - Bangalore - is going to witness 'Ride Bicycle Save Life Cycle'. Yes, it is doing by the bicycle lover techies in Bangalore.

'Lets make Bangalore Greener': Cycle Rally in Bangalore

Yes, hardly very few are coming in Bicycle to the offices in Bangalore. Even we can find few bicycles on the road. While riding bicycle, the rider saves his/her life, keep the environment clean and save money too. We should consider China as a role model here. Our Government doing nothing policy to make our environment clean and not sure how much support are getting these kind of initiatives.

Chinese people are getting more fun between the legs!!!
Out or a billion bicycles in the world 400 million bicycles are in China!!!

Cycle Rally Bangalore details:

Venue : Lalbagh West Gate
Date : 27 July 2008
Time: Start between 6:30 7:00 AM
Route : Lalbagh to Cubbon Park
Eligibility : A bicycle with good health.
Registration : Through website or cycler@itcyclers.com
Initiated by : Techies Bangalore
Goal : For a Greener Bangalore / Bengaluru - Create awareness
Website : www.itcyclers.com
Remarks : Its not a contest.

Hi Techies, all the best for the initiative to make Bangalore Green. Unfortunately I am not eligible for this Reason: no Bicycle :(

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Contract in Bangalore

Putting English names for the Hindi movies are rare, but the one recently released Hindi movie 'Contract' from Ram Gopal Varma. Contract reviews says that its bleeding in the movie halls. Is it like another Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag ?

CONTRACT ad in Bangalore.

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20 July 2008

Brand Factory Bangalore

Brand Factory is setting up a new showroom in Bangalore. It is located on Hosur Road.

Bangalore Hosur Road Brand Factory Location : From Hosur Road > Forum > Chirst College > Go to Diary Circle > Cross NIMHANS > 400 - 500 meters after NIMHANS on the main road (Hosur Road) itself, on the left side you can find Brand Factory.

For the south Bangaloreans no need to go to Marathalli Brand Factory (BF) for the shopping.

Don't know the exact opening date. Definitely end of this month.

Final touch ups at Hosur Road Brand Factory, Bangalore

About Brand Factory:

* Its from Pantaloon and its their new retail format is Brand Factory.
* First Brand Factory opened in Marathalli, Bangalore
* Offerd 120 brands like Arrow, Esprit, Van Heusen, Levis, Reebok, Lee, Pepe, Wrangler and
* area of 70,000 sq ft in Brand Factory Marathalli, Bangalore
* Guaranteed a minimum discount is 20 per cent
* Average discounts on brands is 35-40 per cent
* Target customers between 20-35 years age group
* Plan to open 55 Brand Factory outlets in 40 cities by 2010
* Brand Factory outlets offers
plenty of space
fully air-condition
slickly designed
parking space
Guaranteed 20 per cent discount on brands

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09 July 2008

Cheating in Petrol Pump

Beware of Cheating in Petrol Pump, Bangalore. One of my reader Sana posted a comment on one of my posts about Petrol Pumps in Bangalore. I feel that people should aware of it and need special attention of it. So I am posting it here

Cheating in Petrol Pump

"Be careful of BPCX Petrol Pump - Jayanagar Servx Statxon at the South End traffic signal in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The workers here are very sly and seasoned manipulators. They seem to be old hands in this thing.

Just yesterday I wanted to fill up my tank. One of the persons engaged me in talk and was trying to convince me that using a credit card does not attract any transaction fee. This is the first time someone in petrol pump tried to persuade me to use a credit card to make the payment!! Then the person who was actually dispensing the petrol stopped at Rs 150. When I asked him why he had stopped, he told me that he heard that I wanted to fill Rs 150 worth fuel. When I told him I wanted to fill the tank, he continued filling the fuel. He did not show me the zero setting. All this while the other guy kept pestering me about payment with credit card and distracting me. The dispensing guy finally told me that he has filled the tank. This time it came to about Rs. 1180. When I proceeded to pay only Rs 1180 they told me that I need to pay the additional Rs 150 they had filled earlier. I did not have the time to argue since I had to catch up with a meeting. So I feel I ended up paying Rs. 150 more. The manager at the pump was not of much help. He seems to be mixed up with these fellows. Avoid this petrol pump like the plague." - From Sana

One more cheating what I noticed is when they give the balance, there will be a shortage of 100 or 50 rupees. If you start counting, then they will give the missing amount and say some excuse. If you are not paying much attention to your balance, your 50 or 100 will be in their pocket.

The cost of the petrol is too high now a days and every drop count. Which ever petrol pump you visit, put extra care in the petrol pumps in Bangalore, India


07 July 2008

Pet Shop Bangalore

Pets are living in a Posh way in Bangalore. If you are pet lover, you can find few exclusive pet shops in all around Bangalore. Pet Clinic to Pet Beauty Parlors are existing in Bangalore metro.
One Kilo of Cat Biscuits cost from Rs. 220 to 400 and pet lovers are not hesitate to buy it for their loved ones!!!

Pet Shop Bangalore : HSR Layout, Bangalore, India

Some metro pet lovers will wonder, how the village pets are growing with out expensive nutritious pet food?

In China, how the Communism applied in their pets ?? Any ideas ?

If you are a pet lover Don't forget to 'Chicken Police Video'


04 July 2008

Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut is good for health and its available through out in Bangalore in the price tag of Rs 10 to 12. Even you can find door delivery service of Tender Coconut who carries more than 100 Tender Coconut in both sides of the bicycle.

Tender Coconut has a power of take your life if we are not disposing the waste and no body in Bangalore care about it. The shells of Tender coconut is a good place for the mosquitoes breed because it is a water collection point.

Now its the rainy season in Bangalore. Dengue, Chikungunya kind of decease can cost your life. So Make sure that your neighborhood is neat and clean and secure your health.

Hill of Tender Coconut waste formed in Whitefield,
Near Vaidehi Hospital, Bangalore


03 July 2008

Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli, the largest 7th city in Tamil Nadu and Tirunelveli halwa is famous all over the world (atlesat in India, to be more precise - at least in south India)

The most popular shop in Tirunelveli must be selling over Rs 100,000 of Halwa per day and
Marwarii family who is there for more than 300 years are the famous Halwa maker in Tirunelveli.

Tirunelveli Halwa in Bangalore: A mobile Tirunelveli Halwa shop

You can find lot of sweet shops in Bangalore, but for the first time I am seeing a mobile sweetshop in Bangalore and more over in the heavy traffic.

Tirunelveli Halwa Recipe

Soak one kg of whole grains of wheat for eight hours.

Hand grind. Let the milk-like batter settle.

Pour the milk-like batter and 4½ kg sugar into a wide iron karhai or wok. Heat, stirring continuously till it begins to boil and bubble. Then add 2¼ kg ghee. Boil it down till it thickens and is nearly solid.

Pour onto a greased thali or plate. Let it cool and cut or serve into desired portions.

Halwa Recipe taken from rediff

01 July 2008

Laundry Bangalore

Generally in Bangalore Laundry people charge between Rs. 30 - 40 per kilo and Rs 2.50 per piece only for ironing/pressing. Bangalore is famous for IT and the 'influence' can see in the name boards at least some places in a form of spelling mistakes.

IT influence in Bangalore : Laundry become LANdry

Monika in Bangalore works hard for 16 hours per day just like Monika Lewinsky who worked hard for Clinton!!!

LANdry : Can we adapt it as a technical term when the LAN goes down. Also we can consider WANdry, Webdry etc etc..