26 October 2007

Bangalore Traffic Police Day

For the White and Kaki color uniform will get criticism from every corner of Bangalore, we are talking about the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) .

But how many of us know the touch situations the traffic police overcoming daily in their duty time. OOPS, duty time reminds everybody about 8 hours in a day, but not for the Bangalore Traffic Police with a team size of 2000. The average duty time for them is 12 hours per day and the working condition ?? It is so horrible to stand in the middle of the road inside the heavy traffic with a highly air and pollution in its peak. Feels sad when some people are rude with them when they gave some advice about traffic rules.More over the weather conditions keep on changing in day by day and they have to face those situations in the middle of the road. What about the salary ?? You know its too low.

Handling 33000000 vehicles per day with a team size of 2000 traffic police men doing a great job in Bangalore and we need to appreciate them and today is the day for it : Traffic Police Day.

Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness celebrating today 27th October 2007 as the Traffic Police day and we need to appreciate their work.

What we can do for the Bangalore Traffic Police on the Traffic Police Day?

* If you come across a traffic police man today, just show the gratitude to their work by thanking them or a thumps up will definitely cherish them.

* Give a thank you card / flower / gift to the traffic police in your regular drive way.

* Not but the least if you are reading this after the Traffic Police Day, just drop two lines for them in the comments in this blog.

Can you imagine drive in your city with out the traffic police ? May be cannot !!!

My Thumbs up for Bangalore Traffic Police!!!

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