23 October 2007

Solar Panels for Common Man

Lighting up lives in rural India using Solar Panel : Fueled by the struggle of poor workers in its home country (Bangalore, India), Selco India has succeeded by focusing on a market that was previously thought un-tappable: poor, rural Indian communities.

Omelette seller lit by SELCO solar lamp. Can see bright solar lights street vendors around Bangalore, India

The solar panel installed above R Vijaya Kumar's small house on the outskirts of Bangalore has ignited the change from auto driver to entrepreneur. Every day at 4 pm, Kumar drives to the Bomanahalli market on the outskirts of Bangalore with 50 batteries that he hires out to street vendors for Rs 15 per battery per night (less than a half USD). He returns at 11 pm to take them back, having made thrice what he would earn as an auto driver.

"the way in which this visionary individual has demonstrated beyond doubt that it is possible to run a renewable energy business which is both a striking commercial success, and which lifts people out of poverty, too." SELCO is a private business committed to providing the highest quality solar energy services to poor people on financial terms they can afford.

Harish Hande from SELCO wins the Outstanding Achievement Award (£15,000) from world’s leading green energy awards 2007


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