29 October 2007

Man Made O Pot Hole

If you pass through the Residency road in Banglaore, you might notice this man made circled pot hole which is just opposite to the Baldwin Boys School Gate. More than one feet of this pot hole is still in good shape for more than two months. I think the pefect circled hole is made to access the dirnage. In this heavy traffic road in Bangalore , with out a single sign board, two months back it suddenly appeared. Once it closed, unfortunately it opend again for some reason and the concerned persons totally forgot to close it.
Man Made Pot Holes Residency Road, Bangalore (background: Not fancy composition on two wheeler , carrying goods in it!!!)

Some body who still has some mankind put two stones in front of this hole to alarm the danger. The rainy season already started and once the pot hole filled with water, the danger will get double and it can take life of persons!!! Who cares about the life about an Indian because Indiaa has a good population? Is this the reason for such a dangerous carelessness ????

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