16 October 2008

Protect your salary account

If you are holding a corporate salary account in any Bank, take an extra measure because Phishers are target for Corporate Accounts in India.

You may get a mail into your internet banking mailbox stating that 'your account is being upgraded for security reasons. Please update your details within the next 24 hours'

Usually if you receive a mail into your banking account inbox, usually nobody will suspect its a phishing mail. Phishers are getting smart to convince you to provide the banking details to them.

The fake mail will ask you to upgrade your account and the mail looks like a genuine. It will guide you a website and will have to provide the account details inculding your password and PIN.

Once you provide the details to that website, the phishers will immediately change your account user name, password, email, phone number like your communication information with your bank. This will take the phishers to block the communication with your bank.

How you can prevent phishing ?

* Never ever provide any kind of your account details to websites especially your PIN, passwords.

* If you get a mail which looks like from the bank and it there is a link in that mail, just keep your mouse pointer on the link and observer the link bar (which is down in most of the browsers). It will show that the link is leading to some other website.

* You never get banking related mails from yahoo, gmail providers eg: citibankupdates@gmail.com . These are fake mails.

* Immediately check with customer care if you find anything specious

* Try to avoid internet browsers for checking online accounts

* Make sure that https is there in the website address

* Use antivirus program and adware programs in your comptuer and make sure that updates are happening regurerly Suggest Avast Home Free Edition and Adaware 2008 Free home

In Bangalore the phishers are targeting to 4 private banks because they are holding the Corporate Accounts

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