01 February 2008

I Love You So Much Valentine Virus

Valentine's Day is on February 14 and on this day lovers express their love for each other.

Not even lovers express their 'love', the computer virus famous for expressing their love on this day on every year.

This year we have Valentine Virus for Valentine's Day 2008 (may be they are lovers)

Valentine Virus for Valentine's Day : Nuwar.OL & Valentin.E

Nuwar.OL worm appears as an e-mail with subject lines such as, "I Love You So Much" "Inside My Heart" or "You In My Dreams"

Once opened, the e-mail looks like a romantic greeting card with a big pink heart. It contains a link to a Web site that downloads the bad code. Once infected, the worm will generate mass e-mails, spreading the virus to the infected user's contacts. This will generate a heavy load on networks and slows down the computer.

Valentin.E also spreads by e-mail. The messages contain subjects like Searching for true Love or True Love and an attached file called "friends4u" Once the file opened, the worm instantly downloaded to the user's computer. The code installs as a file with the .scr extension. Valentin.E shows a new desktop background to trick the user, while making several copies of itself. Finally, the worm sends out emails from the infected computer to spread and infect more users.The worm will then mass e-mail the virus to all the user's contacts.

There is a nice video to watch Virus on Windows

Do you know Firefox browser can hit by a virus and how to remove it Read here I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE

"Happy Valentine's Day 2008"


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