07 July 2008

Pet Shop Bangalore

Pets are living in a Posh way in Bangalore. If you are pet lover, you can find few exclusive pet shops in all around Bangalore. Pet Clinic to Pet Beauty Parlors are existing in Bangalore metro.
One Kilo of Cat Biscuits cost from Rs. 220 to 400 and pet lovers are not hesitate to buy it for their loved ones!!!

Pet Shop Bangalore : HSR Layout, Bangalore, India

Some metro pet lovers will wonder, how the village pets are growing with out expensive nutritious pet food?

In China, how the Communism applied in their pets ?? Any ideas ?

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  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2009

    check out paws pet store in brigade road bangalore. pt lovers will love it!

  2. I don't know about dogs, but if you are interested in fish then the Aquarium Store, Indiranagar is the place to go to.

  3. hey , there's new pet clinic just behind Nokia Showroom on CMH road , it is great.
    Vet: Dr Swarupmay Majumdar
    services: pet care ,emmergency etc
    its open 9-9
    see their website : www.swarupmay.webnode.com