04 July 2008

Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut is good for health and its available through out in Bangalore in the price tag of Rs 10 to 12. Even you can find door delivery service of Tender Coconut who carries more than 100 Tender Coconut in both sides of the bicycle.

Tender Coconut has a power of take your life if we are not disposing the waste and no body in Bangalore care about it. The shells of Tender coconut is a good place for the mosquitoes breed because it is a water collection point.

Now its the rainy season in Bangalore. Dengue, Chikungunya kind of decease can cost your life. So Make sure that your neighborhood is neat and clean and secure your health.

Hill of Tender Coconut waste formed in Whitefield,
Near Vaidehi Hospital, Bangalore


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