09 July 2008

Cheating in Petrol Pump

Beware of Cheating in Petrol Pump, Bangalore. One of my reader Sana posted a comment on one of my posts about Petrol Pumps in Bangalore. I feel that people should aware of it and need special attention of it. So I am posting it here

Cheating in Petrol Pump

"Be careful of BPCX Petrol Pump - Jayanagar Servx Statxon at the South End traffic signal in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The workers here are very sly and seasoned manipulators. They seem to be old hands in this thing.

Just yesterday I wanted to fill up my tank. One of the persons engaged me in talk and was trying to convince me that using a credit card does not attract any transaction fee. This is the first time someone in petrol pump tried to persuade me to use a credit card to make the payment!! Then the person who was actually dispensing the petrol stopped at Rs 150. When I asked him why he had stopped, he told me that he heard that I wanted to fill Rs 150 worth fuel. When I told him I wanted to fill the tank, he continued filling the fuel. He did not show me the zero setting. All this while the other guy kept pestering me about payment with credit card and distracting me. The dispensing guy finally told me that he has filled the tank. This time it came to about Rs. 1180. When I proceeded to pay only Rs 1180 they told me that I need to pay the additional Rs 150 they had filled earlier. I did not have the time to argue since I had to catch up with a meeting. So I feel I ended up paying Rs. 150 more. The manager at the pump was not of much help. He seems to be mixed up with these fellows. Avoid this petrol pump like the plague." - From Sana

One more cheating what I noticed is when they give the balance, there will be a shortage of 100 or 50 rupees. If you start counting, then they will give the missing amount and say some excuse. If you are not paying much attention to your balance, your 50 or 100 will be in their pocket.

The cost of the petrol is too high now a days and every drop count. Which ever petrol pump you visit, put extra care in the petrol pumps in Bangalore, India



  1. Hi Thomas
    i always wanted to raise this issue. Its not happening only in Jayanagar, but in almost all the petrol bunks. There are few techniques they use to divert you.

    1. They will ask whether you need bill ???
    2. They will ask whether you are paying by card or cash
    3. Incase, you take the card out before they ask, they will ask " Is it credit card or debit card"
    4. Do you need to type-in the PIN number.

    these are the techniques the money collection guy use to divert you and the filling guy cheats you by

    1. Not resetting the meter and continue to fill from the previous reading

    2. You ask for x amount, they will
    fill 2 litres and apoligise and fill for x-2 amount and claim that they have reset the meter

    As far as the information i got, all the guys in the petrol bunk share the money and it comes to Rs 500-1000 per day for a single person.

    I'm planning to write an article in "bangalore mirror" , and if you can do it, please send me across. I will contribute from my part and publish it.

    Rajesh RV

  2. Hi guys,
    I m really happy to read against the cheating done to customer in the petrol pumps. Well this is not case with the banglore only but i have been victimised here in pune too.since i have been cheated i was looking forward to expose this malacious act through newspapers.I was cheated in the same manner as others have mentioned here.

  3. Yup I have been a subject of this angst as well and am writing a story on it. Can you provide me with some more information.

  4. Hello Bro,

    I too had the same problem in Mysore KG koppal fuel station opposit to BGS apollo hospital, last Friday i asked the to fill 20Ltrs of petrol to my car, one guy started to fill petrol very slowely one guy come and sked for the cash i gave my credit card then he asked which machin can i use (citi bank or HDFC) i told u can use any gateway and turned towards the pump the guy who is filing the petrol had already got up from the spot and meter showing 2lltrs. then i started my jerney towards coorg, for 20ltrs petrol my runs for around 300+ km but now i ran only 200+kms and MT tank

  5. I am Ramesh from Tiruchengode, namakkal district, Tamilnadu, India. I have been cheated at Lorry owners assocation bunk, Erode road,TIRUCHENGODE recently. They are licensed by BHARAT PETROLEUM. I want to share this bad experiance.

    I have asked the attendant to fill the tank of my octavia. Initially it was RS 228/- I have noticed this and asked him to reset. I have asked him to fill the tank until autocut off only. When he started filling he diverted my attention regarding the silver tint sunfilm in my car. When I answering his queries, the tank filled and started to fill the tank by pulling the pump slightly. I have asked him to stop. Note that I have asked him to fill upto autocut off only. The bill showed Rs 1550/-. Usually it will take only 37 ltrs of diesel and this time it took 43 ltrs. I thought he filled additional diesel by pulling the pump outside. After few kilometers of driving, my on board computer tells the real story. I have realised that i have duped by Rs 228/- of diesel. He never reset the pump, before filling my tank.

    So next time you enter a petrol station, be alert so that you are not duped. He may try to divert your attention. Be alert...

  6. there is a petrol pump at double road corner who does the same thing.......there has to be done something against these guys