04 June 2008

Petrol Pumps Bangalore

After announcing the fuel and gas price most of the petrol pumps either closed or no stock board displayed at least for toady. From tomorrow onwards the price will increase Rs 5 and Rs 3 for petrol respectively.

Crowed Petrol Pump in Bangalore in the night around 10 PM before the price hike

If the crude oil goes down, will the price of all fuel, goods, bus fares etc will come down? All kind of workers have union to increase the price, In reality we public still not have a union!!!

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  1. Be careful of BPCL Petrol Pump - Jayanagar Service Station at the South End traffic signal in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The workers here are very sly and seasoned manipulators. They seem to be old hands in this thing.
    Just yesterday I wanted to fill up my tank. One of the persons enagaged me in talk and was trying to convince me that using a credit card does not attract any transaction fee. This is the first time someone in petrol pump tried to persuade me to use a credit card to make the payment!! Then the person who was actually dispensing the petrol stopped at Rs 150. When I asked him why he had stopped, he told me that he heard that I wanted to fill Rs 150 worth fuel. When I told him I wanted to fill the tank, he continued filling the fuel. He did not show me the zero setting. All this while the other guy kept pestering me about payment with credit card and distracting me. The dispensing guy finally told me that he has filled the tank. This time it came to about Rs. 1180. When I proceeded to pay only Rs 1180 they told me that I need to pay the additional Rs 150 they had filled earlier. I did not have the time to argue since I had to catch up with a meeting. So I feel I ended up paying Rs. 150 more. The manager at the pump was not of much help. He seems to be mixed up with these fellows. Avoid this petrol pump like the plague.