10 April 2008

flickr video review

Flickr is no more still. Flickr started moving also. Yahoo Flickr started providing video service like youtube. Why Flickr can't start a new site for the videos something called Vlickr.

Lot of protest flaming against flickr videos from the existing flickr members. They say 'Flickr is for photos and Youtube is for videos'

Flickr Video Review

High Lights and Low Lights about flickr video

* Time Limit for Flickr Video : 90 seconds

* Individual video file must be smaller than 150MB

* Only pro members can upload video content and most of the Pro members are exclusive blood
written photographers (Don't know yahoo made this stupid decision). So if you want to upload video in Flickr upgrade your account to Pro ( I year around USD 25). Do you thing anybody will shell out the money to upload videos in Flickr ?

* Pro Members get unlimited storage space

* Start using advanced search to filter out for photos. At least for this reason we will start using advanced search !! Yahoo Flickr, move this feature to the main search or allow the users to set this option in their profile.

* player controls and indicators : Play, Pause, drag to rewind or skip ahead, Volume, Expand to Full Size and reverse

Sample Video from Flickr Video

Check out No Video On Flickr protest here
Also have a look at the Flickr Video here and FAQ here

Bottom Line: Is Yahoo (in future Microsoft) want to spoil the excellent photo sharing site Flickr to adding XTRA features which is not necessary feature.

Picture from Flickr

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