12 April 2008

Police Traffic Park Bangalore

Do you know there is a park in Bangalore and its name is Police Traffic Park. Hardly nobody know about this park in Bangalore. Bloggers meet conducted over Police Traffic Park and had a hard time to find out this place. Just near the park I inquired a Traffic Police about the Police Traffic Park and he is not at all aware of a park with a name related with his profession.

Police Traffic Park Bangalore. Is this park doing its duty ?

About this Park: Inaugurated in 1994 to teach schoolchildren traffic rules, regulations and signals. But after seeing that park I felt that the that park is not doing its job . To teach traffic rules to the children. A clear evidence is the traffic in Bangalore.

Why Bloggers did at Police Traffic Park Bangalore ?

We discussed about the Blogathon India and its coming up activities. Also discussed about the BCB6.

By the way what is Blogathon India: 'Blogathon India is an event where these bloggers can get together and raise their concerns, ideas and suggestions on different social issues through the medium we all love: blogs'.

A Blogathon week BlogathonIndia1 coming up from 20th April onwards and the every day topics are

* Infrastructure
* Politics
* Entertainment
* Media
* Gender
* Sport

Find out more details and how to participate on BlogathonIndia1? Details here

Location of Police Traffic Park : Beside of Bowring Institute on St. Mark's Road. When coming from Residency Road - Enter to St. Marks Road (turning left from Residency Road oneway) and that road will lead into a junction (joining of three roads). Right over this corner is the Police Traffic Park.


  1. Mea culpa. I suggested the place and didn't show up.

  2. Cipson..
    Can you also put a google map link. It will help with the directions you mentioned.

  3. hi Ramjee, I will try to put it