08 April 2008

Learn No Parking in Bangalore

Lot of talks going on in Bangalore and its famous traffic. Majority of the people are not following the traffic rules. One more thing we have to take care is that if you follow the complete traffic rule, you will end up with some trouble. Once I stopped my bike for crossing the road for few school kids and heard some 'old anna sambar' in the morning. What they told is you should not stop the bike it seems. What I will say to those notorious drivers. They think that road is only for the two wheelers.

Thought of School - NO Parking

No wonder why it is ? Look at the above photo . Learning school car stopped right down the NO parking sign. You can see one more Learning school car behind that. How the students from those kind of schools will follow and respect the traffic rule ? No wonder Bangalore traffic is getting worse day by day

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