20 December 2007

Westerners thinking about Xmas in India

Most of the westerners think that there are no celebrations for Xmas in India. Even most of westerners even think that there is no Muslims and Christians in India. But I feel, India is the one of the best countries where you get the freedom of religion. If you ask a westerner they know about India is a nation of Hindi religion. Yes, they think Hindi is a religion. Its not Hindi, it Hindu and it has a ancient great culture we all are proud of it.

Christmas Star Sale at Jayanagar Shopping Complex Bangalore

Any how India is celebrating Christmas in a grand way and more over all other religions also participate in this event. A healthy relationship between the religions can see all over India. Unfortunately the western media highlight ONLY the odd issues of India and the image in front of the entire world is not so much good.

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Once I was in aboard and came to India for the Xmas holidays one guy told me that 'Hope we will see again' . I just got stunned with his HOPE wish and thought there is some major barriers in his life and asked him is there any problem in your life and never think about suicide ? Then he stared laughing at me and told me that the hope came because I am going to India. The reason what he told me that if I walk in any Indian streets I will get shoot at any time or any building will get collapse and die.

Some more interesting impression from westerner about Indian train journey is that if you travel in the train, somebody (i don't know who) will give a biscuit to eat and you will get unconscious in few minutes after eating it. Then the interesting comment came out from his mouth 'If your are lucky, you will get the underwear!! rest everything will be looted with in no time'.

If one incident happens doesn't mean that it is happening all over India. More over India is the safe place you have the entire freedom to travel and moreover you will never get bored if you travel from one end to the other end. No where else in the world you can find these much diversity in Nature, Culture etc etc.

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