08 January 2010

What are they doing ?

What some women saying about it?

'You have to cut real quick and at an angle.
This prevent too much bleeding.
This is our tradition and is given us by God.
It is from God.
We have always done it this way.
I see no reason why should change things.
(sharpening knife in a rock)

Do you got an idea what are talking about ?
They are Female genitals cut supporters. Dont get surprised these exists in the our world.

Millions of girls have their genitals cut off.
6000 are cut every day. Some die of shock or excess bleeding.

The Cut - a documentary about Mary (14 years old) and Alice (early 20’s) from Kenya. Both are affected by the traditional rite of passage into womanhood: genital cutting. thecutdocumentary website
Above comments are taken the this video

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