24 September 2009

Water in moon

Water in moon - Indian moon mission found water in moon.

Chandrayaan 1 the Indian moon mission found water in moon. This will take space exploration into a new level.

Water is locked in minerals in the top layers of the moon's sun-scorched surface.

Is there any chance of life in the moon ?

'Moon Water Founder' : chandrayaan 1

Space Vision India 2025
  • Satellite based communication and navigation systems for rural connectivity, security needs and mobile services
  • Enhanced imaging capability for natural resource management, weather and climate change studies
  • Space science missions for better understanding of solar system and universe
  • Planetary exploration
  • Development of Heavy lift launcher
  • Reusable Launch Vehicles - Technology demonstrator missions leading to Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO)
  • Human Space Flight
“The baby has done its job by helping us find water on the moon,” Annadurai, project director of Chandrayaan-1, told IANS in Bangalore

ISRO head quarters is in New B.E.L. Road, Bangalore, India

Why ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) put the name Chandrayaan 1 instead of just Chandrayaan ?
Sure there will be Chandrayaan 2 in the future.

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