03 June 2008

UFO again in Bangalore

Today night around 9:15 PM when I was talking on the phone and found an unusual seen in the sky. A group of light moving very fast and it was floating in the air. Have you seen a group of birds flying in the morning or evening time? Its shape is similar to that. Pretty sure its not an air plane nor Comet. Color of the light is somewhat dim bright ones. Can say around 30 to 40 light object set were in that seen.

Tried to take a snap in my mobile and did not come up. Only dark image.

Again Flying saucer in Bangalore ? Or what is it ?

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  1. Hi Cipson, hey nice blogs! I believe you have really seen something mysterious, could be an UFO ... can't forget those discussions we had in cab about this. I wish you could take a pic of it. Anyways, lucky you ...

  2. That's probably HAl, ISRO or DRDO checking out some of their flying machines.