08 December 2008

worlds first computer mouse turns 40

If you can scroll down this page using your page, first give a big thanks to Dr Douglas Engelbart.

Yes, today is the birthday for the worlds first computer mouse and its turned to 40. December 9, 1968 the world's mouse was first introduced to the public, conducted by Dr Douglas Engelbart in California.
World's first computer mouse image

It was a demonstration of interactive computing , an event now acknowledged as the mother of all demos'.

World's first mouse demo : Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo

Happy Birthday Computer Mouse !!!

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  1. Nice article, I think Mr.Douglas Engalbart the person who invented hypertext also. Thanks to him

  2. That's looking cool! :) My hat's off to Mr. Douglas Engalbart for very innovative and wonderful invention! :) Salute!