04 August 2008

Logitech Tri Color Mouse

Logitech Independence mouse
Logitech salutes the 61st Indian Independence Day by launching a Tri Color mouse.

* USB plug-and-play
* All terrain optical sensor
* Smooth tracking and maximum surface coverage
* Integrated cord-wrap - allows to wind the cord into the mouse.
* Shock resistant
* Smooth, rounded shape for perfect balance of comfort and mobility
Logitech Independence mouse

* Price INR 640
* 3-year replacement warranty

Logitech Said: "Allow the Tri Color mouse to make a statement about you and your country through its simplicity. Gift it to folks who share the same passion and belief in this nation like you do,"
Logitech mouse list

Hope techies/companies will present to their friends/employees during Indian's Independence day. Definitely we will see it in Bangalore.

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