25 July 2008

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

Bangalore was panic for some time after hearing the news of a serious of minor Bomb Blast. Most of the offices released the employees and when I was passing the south Bangalore, the life was quite normal. What I felt is there where not very much traffic on the road. May be I left early from my office.

No idea who is behind this and why it is doing in such a peaceful city in India ?

Bangalore Bomb Blast Photo Location

Bangalore life normal after the blast
(Photo taken around 6:00 PM on the blast day at BTM)

Bangalore Bomb Blast Locations

- Madiwala
- Richmond Circle
- Nayandanahalli, Mysore Road
- Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
- Adugodi
- Langford Road

Get a closer view of the map at BITS

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