10 January 2008

Car Loans for Tata Nano

The Tata Nano Car just launched and would roll out on the road later this year 2008. Intresting fact that we can 'get' loan for the People's car from internet marketing.

One from apana loans and they say Loans for Tata Nano - 'Compare offers from Leading Banks for Tata Nano. Get Quotes Online!

One more is from ICICI says - Planning to buy Tata Car?

google search giving sponsored likes for the Loan for tata car nano

Once the car is on the road you can get for the car for a montly installment of around 2500 with an initial payment of Rs 20000 ?

Looks like this car will give lot of traffic problem in the cities especially in Bangalore because most buyers for this car will be from the two wheeler segment

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1 comment:

  1. i look forward for a traffic solution with nano as the pests (autos) on the road will get less as the car would be lot cheaper compared to auto; and less bikes as it compacts a traffic jam with no breathing space.