28 January 2008

Jumbo Circus Bangalore Ends on

The Jumbo Circus, one of the oldest remaining circuses in India which is showing in Bangalore will pack its tend on 10-02-2008.

350 staff and 120 artists with Russian artists.

Main attractions:

Lasso, Hula hoop, Globe of Death, three sword act, ladder balance, American Ring of Death, besides, ring balance, fire dance, flying trapeze, vertical swinging, clown chair act, dental dance and spring net etc

There is special item for the cricket fans in the Russian Jumbo Circus : elephant cricket

Jumbo Circus (Photo from Hindu)

The Jumbo Russian Circus has travelled through all the states of India since 1977

The last show in Bangalore is on 10-02-2008 at Palace Ground.

Entrance is from the Jayamahal Road just opposite to the Doordarsan Tower

Map Jayamahal Road Palace Ground

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  1. How can i get tickets?

  2. Don't know exactly is there any online booking is there. As usual you can get it before the show.