12 November 2007

Mobile Number Portability in India

Thanks to the Department of Telecommunications India to introducing the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India.

What is Mobile Number Potability ?

Mobile Number Portability lets you retain your existing mobile phone number when you switch from other mobile service provider to another.

Benifits from MNP

* Freedom to shift from one mobile provider to another with out lossing your mobile number
* Expect better serice from each provider else the customer will move to a better one
* Lower call traif rate due to compitence in the market

This will mostly helpful who have circulated their numbers for business purposes on promotional material etc
Definitely it will not be a free service and the investment cost will pass to the customer.

In the beginning MNP will be available in main metro cities of India - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai

Mobile no change be available in the next year (2008)

Wondering why Phone Number Potability is not applicable to the land line numbers too ?!?!?

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  1. That was loads of information.... that too usefull one... good.. people tend to ignore such portions..but you did make it a point to publicise it. very good... hoping to see more stuff like this.