01 November 2007

Kannada Rajyotsava

Kannada Rajyotsava Day 2007

Its the day for the celebration in Karnataka for officially forming the state on November 1 1973 and it is called Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Rajyotsava. This is celebrated all over the Karnataka, especially in Bangalore Metro.Half Yellow and Half Red flags flying all over the places in Buses, Auto Rickshaws, Two wheelers, Shops etc. In the morning there were processions from different areas all over the city and its pretty interesting to watch this.

Auto Rickshaws hosted the Yellow and Red Flag

Some people misunderstood Kannada Rajyotsava and gives the meaning as "birth of a state". (Given in Wikipedia) I don't think this is the right meaning. Rajya + Utsava is Rajyotsava. Rajya means Country/State and Utsava means Celebrations. So Kannada Rajyotsava means Kannada/Karnataka " Kannada State Celebrates its birthday"

Kannada Rajyotsava 2007 venu at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore

This celebration spanned all over November and most of the activities will have a Kannada Touch and its pretty interested to know the Kannada culture and definitely try more and more Kannada food like 'BusyBadaBath' ( I think this the way to pronounce it, i think the word is a mix of Engilsh and Hindi : 'BusyBadaBath' is a hot food which is made with Rice, it add 'some kind of sambar' in it and the food is spicy and hot)

About the Half Yellow and Half Red flags used in Karnataka:
No Indian state is allowed to have a separate flag as per the constitution of India and the tricolor is the flag for all the states in India. I think the Kannada Flag used as unofficial and I am pretty much intersted to know the significance of its colors.

Happy Kannada Rajyotsava 2007 !!!
Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava 2007 !!!

Bottom Line : The neighboring Satae Kerala's Birth is on the same day(November 1) and they are 'celebrating' by a full day bandh announced by a political party!!!

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  1. Srikanth EswaranNovember 03, 2007

    its not called bisibedabath, its called bisi bele bath (which means hot, grain, rice) :)

  2. Hi Srikanth Eswaran,

    Thanks for teh correction. In the winter season its nice to eat the hot bisibedabath.

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