08 November 2007

Divali / Deepavali celebrations in India

Divali / Deepavali is a famous festival in all over India and all age groups actively participate in it. People express their happiness by lighting lamps in front of every homes, decorating the houses, bursting firecrackers and have a feast with the dear and near ones with exchanging gifts.

This year Divali is on November 8, 9, 10

Divali can compare to the Chinese new year or the Christmas celebrations.

Festival of Lights : Divali / Deepavali

Fire Crackers on Divali : celebrations at a Bangalore home

Divali shopping : Shops are ready on Divali Time with decorations and above a couple going for shopping Spar Hypermarket Bangalore with traditional dress.

Divali Sweets serve smiles to everybody : Exchanging sweets is a tradition

New Dress materials on Divali Time is a must for all most of the people : Display at Forum Shopping Mall at Housr Road, Bangalore, India.

See History of Divali at Wiki

Happy Divali / Deepavali !!!


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