18 September 2007

'Pot Hole Fixing Team' IFix: Chennai

Don't get wonder if you find some guys are busy with fixing the Pot Holes on Chennai Roads in the night. Easy to locate this group bcause they are using concreate mixture instead of tar This 'Pot Hole Team - I-FIX' kicked off their voluntary work on the India's 60th Independence day.

A little more detail: "Three friends, from very varying backgrounds get together over coffee to plan some activity around Independence day. We quickly mull through the usual "scribble on the wall" concept and get into the details of what usually goes on a wall. Walls are always filled with wish lists. Wishes of how things could be better, how we wish... it was that way. Don't we all wish sometimes, that someone would do something about all the potholes that we see in the roads of chennai?" Read more at pothole.pbwiki.com

Instead of reading and putting some comments like " nice work", "great job", "well done", "Fabulous" comments it would be better to join with them (if you are in Chennai) or start something like this. After the heavy rains in Bangalore, there are plenty of similar stuff can be done!?!? I don't thing most of the Bangalore folks has this kind of attitude.

Real Incident happened to me in Bangalore: On the way to Lunch in one of the Bangalore roads, I found a TV cable hanging like a death hook in the middle of the road near a curve which was hanging from the tree. The hanging position was that much perfect to get a 'hanging death sentence for a person who rides a bike. I tried that cable to put it on the tree and was not able to find a rope to tie it properly. Suddenly a father and son came out from the nearby home and suspecting me like a thief or terrorist and started questioning. After explaining the dangerous situation of the cable, I requested them a rope from their home. Surprisingly they went inside the house and closed the door in front of me. I feel so upset with that old man and the son, really showing lack of human sensibility from them. After I managed to get a rope from a shop and tied it. Do you know why I surprised again? The attitude of the shop owner, he was so quick to get a rope after knowing the dangerous situation. Of course, there are good and bad in the city? But who has the majority?

Just spending a little time to do a good work may save a others life, some times save your life by doing the good stuff from other folks. Is Bangalore, India listening?


  1. Great work by the guys from chennai and also u for spreading the word

  2. HI...just dropping by to check out your blog...I like your writing. YOu have pretty good english. Something interesting to keep myself aware of what is going on in Chennai. Hmmm...you know in malaysia, we face the same problem with potholes!! It;s really annoying. I hit a big potholes several times in a month and wonder about my car condition now..

  3. By the way, there is a team in Bangalore which is planning for their edition of I Fix. As I keep reminding the team here, its not about potholes alone, its about the attitude to be part of the solution in just about anything - might even be parking you vehicle on the side to help facilitate traffic.

    You should get in touch with Anita Bora [http://www.anitabora.com/blog/2007/09/17/fix-it/]

    - Vijay
    I Fixer

  4. @ 100rabh : Thanks for the comment.
    @vampynyam : Thanks for the visit from Malaysia and the comments. Take care of your car too !!
    @ Vijay Anand : Your team are great and doing a wonderful job. Keep it up and happy to hear that the same concept is coming up. Will put my contribution in some way in IFIX Bangalore.