23 April 2007

Indoor Stadium at Bangalore narrowly escaped from fire disaster

Not reported in the news
Yesterday (22/04/2007) evening I went to a show (The Kitchen Show, Entry Fee INR: 49) which was going on in Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. The show was fully packed families with kids.
Around 7:45 PM on the top of the Indoor statium, some fire formed suddenly.Looks like one of the bulb over burned and start fire on that. What I felt so strange is that some people are just looking and enjoying the fire. Quickly informed the authority regarding this.

Look at the photos(click it enlarge, fire marked in red circle)
The entire roof is covered with some kind of cloths (black in the picture) and plastic sheet(blue in picture). You just imagine what happens it will get fire ? Some security people reached the firepoint, but took almost 10- 15 Minutes.
Some security persons are running up, some are going down (I think they forget to take the fire extinguisher, so bad). At last one security managed to close the fire using a fire extinguisher. Are these securities are really trained to handle these kind of situations?

Is there any safety measures taking for these kinds of shows? Is there any fire extinguisher inside the stalls if fire happens inside a stall? Is these kinds of emergency exit for the stalls. If you are inside the stall, you cannot just comeout from it.

The Bottom line: The show was nice to watch. No dust, Plenty of Powerful fans then and there, so no sweating. More over stalls were good to watch. The unique stall was from a Kenyan girl who sells the Kenyan crafts. Also a decorating stuff on the wall which will glow in the night will be interesting in the kids bedrrom.

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