07 September 2009

Reva Car New Models

Reva Car Models : REVA NXR and REVA NXG

Reva a practical electrical car on the road is going to hit with new two models REVA NXR and REVA NXG. An Bangalore based Indian electoral car company choose an Indian to deisin the new models. The famous Dilip Chhabria an internationally renowned automotive design company DC Design.

Picture of New REVA NXR

Details of REVA NXR
  • four-seater
  • three-door
  • hatchback
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Top Speed 104 kmph
  • run 160 kms on a full charge
  • optional solar panels on the top
  • family car suitable for urban driving
  • production scheduled to commence on beginning of 2010.

REVA NXR and REVA NXG Pictures in the new REVA Global website

Details of REVA NXG
  • sporty car
  • two-seater
  • targa roof
  • top speed of 130 kmph 200 kms
  • run 200 kms on a full charge
  • production will be commence on 2011

In both the cars REVA is using a new technology called REVive telematics technology 'a feature unique to REVA that addresses ‘range anxiety’ and will act as an invisible reserve fuel tank. If the customer runs out of charge, he/she can telephone or send a SMS message to REVA 24/7 customer support center and remote charge enables the REVA new models to continue driving within a few minutes'

A lead acid battery variant will be made available for India (REVA NXR), which apart from being cheaper will have a reduced top of 80 kmph and a range of 80 kms.

At present in the Indian market REVA is delivering very badly designed mdoels REVAi Standard, REVAi AC, REVAi Classe to Indian customers. Lot of room to improve the design and finishing of the vehicle. Even your fingers can easily go through the gaps of the vechile. Hope REVA will provide the new designs to the Indian market with out any changes.

In Bangalore we can see lot of 'toy car' REVA in the heavy traffic. What ever it is REVA is doing a great job to save the environment and it will save your wallet. Average cost per Km with a REVA is 40 paise in India. 40 paise is equivalent to 0.00822 USD

REVA Inida
REVA Global (New website launching on September 16 2009)

REVA Global (Launching on September 16 2009)

REVA Born Green

REVA’s presence at the Frankfurt Show
REVA Hall 8, Stand D38
63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), 15 -27 September 2009.

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