26 April 2008

My vehicle, my time and my destination

How can we improve the traffic condition in our city? Infrastructure is NOT a single answer for improve our traffic condition, Any Reasons? Yes, one reason is just you!!!

We have infrastructure up to some extend and the most important is how we use it and how we maintain it. With respect to traffic both are not 'applicable' to MOST of us.

How we use it? Even we have some level of infrastructure and how many of you are using it in an effective way? How many of we respect the fellow drives? We have only one policy when we drive - My vehicle, my time and my destination. Not body looking back or not knowing because of him/her a huge traffic block is forming in a junction. Just stopping you and allowing others to pass in a junction will not form a huge traffic jam is just an example. But not doing this is forming huge traffic jams is so regular in Bangalore. Most of the traffic jams forming is just because of irresponsible driving and no respect to the fellow drivers.

How we maintain it? If we are looking into most of the roads, only 70% of the road is using and the 15 % of outer sides of the road is not using. Can we blame it to the drivers? Not at all. Bumpy, pot holed, sand filled roads, drainage holes of the outer sides of the roads make sure that you will not reach the destination. All the drivers know about the sides of the road and no body will take a risk. If the authorities will take initiative and well maintain (15 + 15) % of the road
will boost the confidence of the drives and all will start using those part of the road. Manteca the infrastructure will get a 30 % of extra roads doing a little budget.

Five in One: A glued family or team work - scene near to MG Road Bangalore

Bottom Line:

How we use the infrastructure? Only we can do it in a right way.

How we maintain the infrastructure? Authority can do it and we can force them to do it.

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