20 February 2008

magic box underpass bangalore

magic box underpass at Cauvery Theatre junction Bangalore

According to BBMP from January 16 to February 29, underpasses will be constructed in Cauvery Theatre, Windsor Manor, Hebbal Road, BDA junctions. But at last, Cauvery Theatre junction underpass almost finished, but not with in 72 hours as BBMP promised.

underpass under construction on 29th Jan 2008

It started on 16th January 2008 and almost finished by 20th February 2008 Any how with in a month's time the work is almost finished and ready for inauguration. Any how estimation was completely flop, still the work they carried out should really appreciated.

underpass at Cauvery Theatre almost finished on 20th Feb 2008
In South Indian tradition a banana tree with banana and its flowers used to decorate the venue (see the banana tree on the right side of the above picture)

May be next time BBMP will reach a better estimation with the experience from the Cauvery Theatre junction Magic Box.

Bottom line: The U turn which happens over the underpass looks like not really practical on Sanky road because there is not enough space to turn long vehicles. The under pass should be right across the Hebbal road

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  1. They've started on the next magic box ... The 72 hours they promised have passed long back!

    http://shilpasequeira.com/blog/magic/ - this one is down the road from Cauvery circle!