13 August 2007

Rose Taj Mahal at Bangalore

Glass House at Lalbagh, Bangalore, India has been turned to a spectacular display of flower show especially with the Roses.Taj Mahal made up of roses

* With 60,000 roses to commemorate the 60th year of independence of India
* Taj Mahal made up of roses (Taj Mahal - New Seven Wonders of the World)
* Satellite model created by roses and tricolor of Indian Flag

Huge Satellite model made with roses

* Two big birds made with white and yellow roses
* Vegetable carving and Bonsai collection
* Gandhiji made with vegetables
* 10,000 meters will stretch if lay down all the flowers in single row!!
* 1,854 varieties of plants and flowers in Lalbagh garden this year
Vegetable man

The show will end on 16th August 2007

About Lalbagh
Lalbagh in Bangalore is a favorite venue for the famous annual flower show. Laid out in 1760 by Hyder Ali, Lalbagh stretches over 240 acres and houses a wide variety of tropical and sub-tropical plants. The flower show is held every August at the 18, 000 sq. ft. Glasshouse in Lalbagh.

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