16 August 2007

Bangalore Metro Rail : Interesting Facts

* Bangalore Metro Rail's first train leaves the station in 2011
* Bangalore Metro Rail will have 35 stations
* Bangalore Metro Rail Travel Time 33 Minutes (end to end)
* Bangalore Metro Rail will have a total of 33 km
* Bangalore East West corridor will be 18.1 km long
* Bangalore North South corridor will be 14.9 km long
* Bangalore Metro will have an underground of 6.76 km and will be near City Railway
Station, Vidhana Soudha, Majestic and City Market
* The train can accommodate a total of 1000 persons.* Bangalore Metro train will consist of three coaches (2.88 m wide) to start with.
* Bangalore Metro has been designed for a capacity of 40,000 PHPDT(peak hour
peak direction person trips)
* Expected and estimated passengers will be 10.20 lakhs in 2011 and 16.10 lakhs in
2021. (1 lakh = 100000)
* Bangalore Metro fare is being considered at about 1.5 times the ordinary bus fare. * The fare structure will vary between Rs. 7 and Rs.15 ( 1 $ = 41 Rs)
* Project Cost is Rs. 6395 crore and Project implementation is 5 years. (1 crore = Rs
10 Million)
* Some of the Top Officials Remuneration is more than INR 50000 per month for this
* Bangalore Mass Rapid Transit Limited name changed to Bangalore Metro Rail
Corporation Limited ( BMRC ) from 12th September, 2005 onwards
* Bangalore Metro Rail Total trees to be cut 412 among that 274 are healthy and
the rest are either aged, stunted or mutilated

Check out more details in to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited ( BMRC ) website at www.bmrc.co.in

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