18 July 2007

World's slimmest waterproof mobile phone: Fujitsu F704i

Start using mobile phone when you take your bath at home or at tropical beach swimming. All can be done by using Fujitsu F704i world's slimmest waterproof phoneFujitsu's F704i:Displayed in water

Features/ Specifications:

* Fujitsu F704i world's slimmest - just 1.8cm thick - waterproof phone
* Fujitsu claim -survive 30 minutes of immersion in 1m of water
* Works with 'Napster To Go' service
* Build in mp3 player with WMA support
* Micro SD card.
* 3G capability will work in 43 countries and regions
* 1.3-megapixel camera with anti-shake built in
* Video chat using a second camera
* Colors and the case, which illuminates to show incoming calls, time and date, etc. using"color therapist"Fujitsu's F704i: your poolside/beach pal


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