26 July 2007

Soft Drinks – Cola – Soda - Increase Heart Attack

Drinking just one soft drink (cola) a day - whether diet or regular - may boost your risk of getting heart disease, a new study shows. That is because a soda habit increases the risk of developing a condition called metabolic syndrome, according to the new research, and that in turn boosts the chance of getting both heart disease and diabetes.

"Even one soda per day increases your risk of developing metabolic syndrome by about 50 percent," says Ramachandran Vasan, MD, professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine

After adjusting for intake of fat, fiber consumption, total calories, smoking, and physical activity, there is still a link between soft drink intake and metabolic risk factors.

A Software Engineer in Bangalore, India died due to Heart Attack few days ago due to consuming 8 bottle of beer alone in a single night. This incident shows more reality with the report [TOI]

One soda per day may boost risk for Heart Disease : Show some sympathy to your heart or drink cola and get heart attack free!!

[Full Report in pdf]

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