23 July 2007

Bangalore + Blog + Blogger: Bangalore Bloggers Meet

Bloggers Meet
Bar Camp
Brew Ha Ha
Bangalore Bloggers Meet had a B touch in every word.

Clear Message from a participant : ' I Blog therefore I am'

Most of the Bangalore Bloggers never seen each other but interestingly some of them are familiar only through the blogs. The First Blogger's meet happened on 07/07/07 at MG Road with 20 bloggers and with in a short period of time the count gone up to more than 50. Every body brewed their thoughts and shared it in group discussions. Hope more will join at the coming up Big Event Bangalore Bar Camp

'The Coffee Conversation Girl' - Dhivya - organized the event and it was a great success.

In a Brief
Event : Bangalore Bloggers Meet July 2007
Date : Staturday 21st July 2007 at 11 AM to 2 PM
Venu : Brew Ha Ha Koramangala (Near Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore, India)
Happened : Introduction of Bloggers, Talk related to Blogs, Coming up Bar Camp Topics, What Bloggers can contribute to the society
Every Month : Bangalore Bloggers will meet at Brew Ha Ha on every third Saturday of every month at 11 AM
Coming up Event: Bangalore Bar Camp on 28 -29 July 2007 from 9 AM onwards at IIM Campus
Press : Deccan Herald


  1. Hey man,

    Had a gr8 time...no doubt. I guess it will be fun when r together @IIM...


  2. Thanks for featuring my back!!! :P.

    I'vent shown my back to this many people in my entire life!!!

  3. TheCruisemaniac, Its you man...At least you are famous now with your back side !!!

  4. I have made a post here on my site on Bangalore Bloggers Meet. You can check that here.


  5. I definitley agree with u on the B ... also 'coffee convesation girl'...thanks :)