12 June 2007

Use carefully Orkut kind social network

Be careful when using the social networking site like Orkut, Fackbook, MySpace. The recent abuse of Orkut created lot of uproar in India. Orkut has nearly 6.6 million registered Indian users out of a total of 49 million worldwide. After Orkut Users : Brazil (55%) and United States (19%), India (16%)

Who ever using these kind of public sites has to be very careful. NEVER EVER provide your personal details like photos phone numbers.

Never Trust Any Unknown Person/Member
(Click to enlarge)

Never give your photograph, It is very easy to get abuse See an example how a morphing can change your photograph(taken from youtube)

Read this article from Microsoft "How to help your kids use social networking Web sites more safely"

Read here "A tragic love story: Flourished on Orkut, died in a bullet"

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