29 June 2007

Mr Condom King - Mechai Thailand

Mechai Viravaidya, also known as "Mr Condom King," is Thailand's famous fighter for family planning and safe sex.
Mechai with Teddy Bear made in Condom
Unorthodox methods from Mechai to safer sex are

! Condom-blowing contests
! Programs for taxi drivers to hand out condoms to their fares
! Glued condoms to visiting cards
! Put condoms on key chains
! Diners at his Cabbages & Condoms restaurant get a plate of condoms instead of mints after their meals.
! Persuaded Buddhist monks to sprinkle holy water on condoms
! Hired farmers to spray-paint condom ads on their cows to reach the message to the farmers
! Persuaded traffic cops, Santas and toll-booth operators to distribute condoms
! Produce a stuffed teddy bear and a cat, both made of snipped condoms instead of plush

"Mechai" is now slang for "condom" in the Thai language.

A Thai waiter wears a condom over his head while serving a cocktail at the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok on July 2004

The restaurant's courtyard is filled with trees draped in fairy lights and a small waterfall. But look closely at the bouquets of flowers and the petals are made of condoms, as are the lampshades. Mannequins nearby are dressed in clothes made out of packets of condoms and birth control pills. And as Mechai sits down to talk his staff produce a stuffed teddy bear and a cat, both made of snipped condoms instead of plush.

No wonder Mechai is in this list of Time Magazine- 60 Years of Asian Heroes

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