31 May 2007

World No Tobacco Day May 31

May 31 of every year is World No Tobacco Day

* TOBACCO is the second major cause of deaths worldwide.

* Half of the people who smoke regularly today about 650 million will eventually die of tobacco-related diseases.

* The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 700 million children, or almost half of the world’s children, breathe air that is polluted by tobacco smoke, particularly in their homes.

* Equally alarming is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who have never smoked die each year from diseases caused by breathing second-hand tobacco smoke.

* The International Labor Organization (ILO) says that at least 200,000 workers die every year due to exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. There is no known safe level of human exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, which causes cancer as well as serious respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in children and adults that lead to death.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your (and other people’s) health. Quit smoking and live longer.

What a coincidence that today is the last day of Clean Air Month !!!

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